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13: List your 2 favorite MV's and why
#1 is Error. It was the first Vixx MV and I watched and the first song I heard, it helped me choose a bias and then change that bias pretty fast. I've become a huge fan of Vixx, their music makes me happy, I found an idol I relate to very very well and I just know because of them I feel like I can be me again. I adore the stories the concepts tell and I'm so happy to be in this fandom. I adore them and everything they do. They will forever be next to BigBang on my bias group list, and its because of this video. (pretty sappy i'm so sorry)
#2 is Chained Up because its the first new Vixx song I've been in the fandom for and that excites me! This concept is really really good, I love all their concepts though but since this is the newest one AND I WAS OFFICIALLY VIXX TRASH WHEN IT CAME OUT, it's a favorite:)