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♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Alright girls last member. I feel kind of sad but happy because I am really satisfied with what I wrote! Thank you once again for reading my Cards ! You guys can Keep voting ill for the next kpop group good luck and ill be posting later who’s the lucky winner! Enjoy !! To all my fluffy lovers a special edition of Extra Fluff ♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
*Tap tap* you rotate your pen on you work desk thinking about what to eat for lunch. “I could go for some Doenjang jjigae” Doenjang, tofu, mushrooms, green peppers, scallions, and anchovy’s Add rice and kimchi on the side, mmm”. Yes that’s what I want for lunch “Ring Ring” your office phone rings, you pick up the phone. “Hello, my name is Y/N how may I help you”. A really sweet, provocative voice says “Hello can I speak with the love of my life “ immediately you giggle and you know its Tao. “Yah! Sir this called (love of my life) doesn’t work on this place I think you got the wrong number” you giggle playfully he answers back “Andee, in fact she does im talking to her right now” he giggles and cutely says “yah! Stop playing agii” you giggle “ yes this is your love of your life speaking how may I help you, handsome” you blow him a kiss through the phone “aish!” he giggles “I fell again noooo! My heart has been robbed by a cute thief”. “yaaah!” you say “who’s that, who did that ! No one steals my little pandas heart! Only I could do that” you and him giggle together. “no but seriously what are you doing today” he asks you “umm, nothing in 15 minutes ill be going out to eat lunch” “but im probably going to go early, im really hungry “ you said. “ohh, well im outside waiting for you, in the parking lot” you scream “what!?, weee? , why? Ommo! Andee” he says “what’s wrong?” you reply nervously “nothing im just not dressed appropriately” he says clearly “you don’t need to be dressed formal, besides you’re beautiful either way!” you giggle and say “call!, lets go then ill be there in a little” he says “cant wait to see you !! Bye, hurry ok!?” you say “alright! Bye. You say to yourself “BREATHE! “ you automatically grab your purse and go to the bathroom to retouch your make up . You were wearing casual wear, you look at yourself in the mirror and turn around “I look cute” you say to yourself you grab your watermelon colored lipstick and apply a little on you lips and plump them “kyopta” you smile and say “ready!” you turn around one last time. Ok lets go you say, you go to the elevator and look at yourself at the mirrors they have inside and re-arrange your bangs. The elevator doors open up and you see him there with open arms . “opppa!” you were really surprised you take one step when he suddenly he pushes you inside the elevator. And pushes the last button “floor 52” you say. He giggles and says “shh” you’re going nuts you say to him he says “yes, see what you make me do when you take too long to come out of your office” he stares at you and slowly presses you onto the elevators wall. While you look at him he bring his hand and moves your bangs out of your face. He slowly raises your chin up and you look at him, without thinking he steals a long passionate kiss. He stops kissing you and says “I missed you way to much agi “ he kisses your nose. You start to blush uncontrollably he looks at you and says “you’re so cute “ he giggles and presses the button for the parking lot. “yaaaah!” you cutely say and hit him on the arm. You both giggle and he extends his hand towards you, you look at him completely shocked. “your hand miss” he says “ohh, yeah!” you smile. You grab his hand, he gently raises your hand and kisses your hand. “you do know that you are mine right? “ Tao says. You smile and say “you do know that your mine right?” you both giggle and say at the same time “yes, I know that”, You giggle. *Ding*you both step out of the elevator and walk together hand in hand. A Silence invades you both, the two of you are just too happy to even talk. You both enjoy the moment. Tao opens up the door of his car for you like a total gentleman, you get inside the car and he closes the door for you. He puts on his seat belt on and turns on the car, he automatically get out of the parking lot and goes into the street, you say “I feel like eating Doenjang jjigae” he stares at you and you automatically grab his hand and put it on you lap he smiles and blushes “your wish is my command” he says. You arrive to the restaurant he opens every single door you go into and slides the chair for you. Your inner voice says “ im the luckiest girl ever”. You grab the menu and say “I already know what I want”, me too” he says “I want your lips on my lips” you giggle and give him a peck on the lips he blushes like a little kid. You both order and keep talking about the goals you guys have and the events you have for the month. You both eat and head out the door with full belly’s ,once again opens up every single door and closes it. After a long ride, and holding hands he brings you back to work. You give him a long kiss and smile at him, he looks at you and smiles at you back and says “I had fun! I love you, take care and see you later” he hugs you and you both wave goodbye at each other.
Hours pass and you text him “bored” he answers back with a snap of him saying “bored too” along with another snap “get me out of here!” you noticed he was working. You giggle and send him back a snap of you being sad and puckering your lips with a caption “oh no, same here!” . An hour passes by and you turn on your phone, “Bing Bing” two notifications of your little panda. He captioned a picture of his with “Kiss thief is out there somewhere” followed with “ kiss here”. “aish” you say to yourself why is he to damn adorable and those lips look so kissable” you blush and turn off your phone since your boss was passing by your cubicle. You try to pretend to type on the computer random letters. Your boss passes by when your desk phone rings again, hoping that it would be Tao it was a co-worker asking you if you could do copies of a presentation. You head out your cubicle towards the copier, *bing bing* your phone starts to get crazy. Its your boyfriend bothering with all his selcas.
Out of nowhere he starts to overload your phone with notifications. The day starts to get more busy from other people telling you to do favors for them, you stopped checking your phone hours passed and your day came to an end. You grab your purse and your coat you grab your car keys and your time card. You head out to the elevator exhausted and drained, you look at the numbers of the elevator and press the button for parking lot. You sigh, and start to count down the numbers while staring at them. The elevators door open up and you walk slowly to your car, you open up the door of your car and throw your purse and coat inside the passengers seat. You get inside your car, and do the long drive to your house.
While listening to music, staring too the road thinking of your long ass day . You get to your house and park , you sigh and take off the keys off grab your coat, and purse and head inside your apartment. You throw your coat on the sofa, your shoes on the entrance and purse on the table, and go straight to the kitchen. “im hungry” you say to yourself, you open up the fridge. “im to lazy to be cooking” you said, you closed the fridge and head to the shower. You take a shower, and get ready for bed. Comfy and all you lay in bed and fall asleep. After a long day you just want to sleep but you forgot to check your phone. Tao gets home with food , since he knows you’ve had a rough day because you didn’t answer none of his texts or snaps.
He prepares the food for you and brings it to bed, he leaves the tray on the nightstand. He softly lays in bed and watches you sleep and smiles, he slowly approaches you and gives you a peck on your nose. He runs his hands on your hair, and softly whispers “ im home Aggii”. He gives you a peck on your cheeks, and goes down to your lips , you open up your eyes my the feel of his warm lips. He smiles and says “tired? I made food” you hug him and don’t say anything. Softly says *aggii you need to eat baby com’on I don’t want you to get sick*. You stand up and don’t say anything, while he grabs the tray of food. He says *did you see all the txts and messages I sent you? * you don’t know what to say , “no , im sorry babe I was so busy at work I didn’t have time to” while talking he says “ahhhh, open food coming through”. You stop talking and open your mouth for that yummy food. You start eating and talking at the same time he just finds it cute and giggles but listens to you explaining how was your day. He stops giving you food and you lay down, he just looks at you and gets on top of you. He starts to tickle you and you laugh you start screaming and yelling *please stop*. *Fine* he says and hugs you. While the moon peeks from your bedroom window, and Tao turns off the light. All you did that night was to look into your eyes caressing every inch of each other, intertwined with lustful desires for each other.
Seven in the morning your alarm clock rings , you open your eyes and jump out of bed worried of the Doctors appointment you had at 8am. But you want too cuddle with your boyfriend at least for 15 more minutes when suddenly he grabs your arm and rolls around with you in bed, while he pulls you closer to you can smell his cologne on his white shirt and starts caressing your hair. He says “please don’t go “ “Lets stay like this 5 more minutes please” he gently touches your forehead with his finger tips and slowly reaches your cheeks and slowly pulls your chin up. You stare at him in the eyes and he smiles and says to you “I love you” Tao gently kisses your lips. You softly say back I love you too oppa♡”
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