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Anyone remember the scene where the werid red hair girl from Toradora told ryuuji she thought she was a lesbian it sort of got wondering anyone know if there's any truth to it cuz well she kind of seems like she might be
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Yeah. I thought differently of her for a while after that. I was honestly wondering if she liked Taiga or something... I wonder why the moment was even created since it was never given any development...
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Well that answers my question thanks @LucyOfFairyTail
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@LucyOfFairyTail It think it was just Minori being Minori.
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I do remember her saying it lol and I do kind of wonder if she was "liking" Ryuji because she was confused about how Taiga actually getting a boyfriend might affect their lives & friendship you know? I'm not sure it really means more tha nher just being a high school girl with a lot of things confusing her!
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