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Vixx Personality Differences
Something I have found truly amazing in my time as a starlight, is how in the world this group even works. These 6 guys are opposites of each others in every way. I've never seen such a diverse K-Pop group that still works and cares for each other.
~N is very clingy compared to the other members. ~He expresses his love most often out of them all (getting on there nerves much of the time.) ~He's the mom of the group cause he cares for the members and knows them all the best out of anyone. The members even call him mother sometimes. ~He's the target of teasing a lot, but knows that the members don't mean anything by it.
~Leo is very obviously the most introverted of all the members. He can't express his feelings well. ~Although he talks easier to the members when its only them, I still can't imagine him being into skinship or being overly expressive. ~The members had trouble adjusting to Leo when they first met him. The majority thought he hated them. It took them a long time to understand how shy Leo was. ~Leo is like the Dad in Vixx because he helps through little things behind the scenes.
~Ken is the most comfortable with being cute and silly. ~He is part of the hyung line, but often acts younger than Hyuk does. ~Expressing his feelings is fairly easy for Ken, as long as there not sad feelings. He tends to try and hide when he's down behind his usual craziness. ~Ken plays very well with the members in a fun and crazy way, without going overboard.
~Ravi is one of the only members that manages to be playful but reserved at the same time. ~He is slightly shyer than other people, but is still as playful and crazy as the others. ~Despite this he also knows how to handle the members uniquely and without attracting attention to the fact that he is helping them. ~His personality can be somewhat hard to grasp at first, making him confusing sometimes.
~Hongbin is the sassy blunt man of Vixx. He says what's on his mind without thinking, and can sometimes appear rude because of this. ~He is awkward sometimes, easily experiencing 2nd hand embarrassment. ~He has an obsession with cleaning (so much so it's unhealthy according to N.) ~He seems the hardest to get used to in Vixx. Hyuk and he were awkward for a long time before they finally got used to each other.
~Hyuk enjoys teasing the most of all the members. ~He is still growing so his opinions and interests can suddenly change. ~He was terrified of Leo at debut, so much so he was scared to speak to him. He almost quit Vixx because he thought Leo didn't like him. ~He was trained the least before debut, therefore wasn't close to the members. It took a long time for him to reveal his personality to everyone.
Vixx is the most open minded group I know of. There extremely diverse people. An odd combination of people to have together, yet they are so close to each other. It took them some time, but eventually they found ways to get over there differences. They are now extremely close! They are one of the most diverse and unique K-Pop groups to make it, and I could not be more proud of all of them. <3 Vixx Fighting!!!!
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Vixx is simply the best. Can't pick a bias because they're all so adorable and good and amazing and wonderful and...
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Love this! And I love VIXX! I think them having different personalities is a very good thing! Sometimes when I'm with someone with the same personality as me I get annoyed easily, idk why.
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I love these boys so much, they're are the first group that I've actually learned their names and stuck with. I love other boy groups also, but I just couldn't connect as much as I have with VIXX, and that's one of the many reasons why I love them. Saranghae, VIXX hwaiting!!!! 馃憡馃憡
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My cute adorable babies. I think having such diversity is what makes them so amazing! They have soo many different things to offer that they create this brilliant group of talented people. They put their own uniqueness to the way the help each other, support each other, and show the love they have for their fans. GOSH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;^:
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vixx is amazing. I love how even if they never met you they love you and they always share that
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