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So all of u who comment on this tell me if u realized this. Early in fairy tail when laxus attacks the guild natsu and gajeel cannot pass through freid's barrier with the conditions you must be under 80 yrs old and not a stone statue. (Some of the fairy tail girls were turned into statues by evergreen). So Hiro Mashima gave us a clue of how old they really are early on. Even though at the time we all thought nothing of it.
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@ZacharyStewart Don't forget about Cobra
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forgot about cobra
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SPOILER ALERT! They can't go through the barrier because of the dragons staying dormant within their bodies! which is revealed do much longer after this even happens.
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@wolvesgonwild extreme spoiler no they can't get thelrough the barrier because they r more than 400 years old. they were born 400 years ago and they jumped through time using eclipse with there dragons to defeat acnologia in the future and the day they got there was the day their dragons disappeared into their bodies to produce antibodies for their magic so they don't turn into dragons
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and cobra and laxus are not one of them they had lacrima put into them
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