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I've actually got three I'd like to post for this one. The first is my favorite quote that I can recall offhand, said by Lelouch vi Britannia: "A long time ago, Nunnally, Suzaku and I talked about something. We wondered what happiness would look like if we could give it a physical form. If I’m not mistaken, I think it was Suzaku who said that the shape of happiness might resemble glass. His reasoning made sense; he said that even though you don’t usually notice it, it’s still definitely there. You merely have to change your point of view slightly. Then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light." The second I have posted as a picture but I can't remember when or if it was even said in the show. Nevertheless, I really enjoy that one as well. The third and final quote is one that was just so profound that I felt obligated to share, and if you've seen Space Dandy subbed and read this quote time and time again in the OP, I'm sure you agree with me here: "Space Dandy is a dandy in space." Anyway thanks for reading if you've made it this far and have a good one.