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{WW} It's Pony Tailed Eli Time!
Eli won on this list of the most beautiful girls in ponytails, so I thought it'd be appropriate to do some Eli worshiping for Waifu Wednesday! She's from Love Live if you don't already know her, but you should!

I mean, she's got the most beautiful ponytail in all of anime.

(you can disagree with this, lol, just my opinion <3 )

It looks great when she's happy & blushing!

And when she's surprised~~

When she's cheering...


...and performing...

...pretty much just all the time!

"You're cute, Eli-chi"

"Especially at the beach!"

Bye bye now!!! Enjoy Waifu Wednesday!!!

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@Scarletribbons Love Live :D said it at the top as well ~^.^~
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