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“Come on Jagi!” I flipped over onto my stomach, and covered my head with my pillow. Tae began to jump on the bed in an another attempt to get me out of bed. Remind me again why I’m dating this 5-year-old? Oh great he got Arra into the game now too. She was currently barking her head off, and attempting to pull off my blanket.
“Ok ok! I’m up!” I rubbed my eyes before slowly opening them. Tae’s face was centimeters away from mine, causing me to yelp. He gave me chaste kiss that quickly grew deeper. Ah, this is why I’m dating this 5-year-old. I giggled at the thoughts in my head.
“What’s so funny Jagi?”
“You,” I mused. He gave me a pouty look, causing my giggles to erupt into full on laughter. “I love you Tae.” He froze when those words came tumbling from my mouth.
“Well then hurry up and get ready! I have a surprise.”
“Tae everyday is a surprise with you,” I snorted.
“Yah! You better be nice to me today.” I rolled my eyes, a playful grin still plastered on my face. I stood up a little too fast, but immediately regretted it when the room began to spin. I grabbed Tae in a death grip to keep myself from collapsing. “Jagi!”
“I’m ok I’m ok. I just need the bathroom.” He led me to bathroom, where I promptly threw up in the toilet.
“You don’t seem like you’re ok Jagi.” Tae was rubbing my back with one hand, and holding my hair up with the other.
“What did we eat yesterday?”
“Well we had that fish from the market. Maybe it’s just a bit of food poisoning.”
“Tae I didn’t even eat the fish. You know I don’t like fish. Plus, all of the other members ate it, including you, and you’re fine.” His face scrunched up in concentration, trying to think what could’ve caused me to get sick so suddenly.
“Let’s ask Jin. He’s the expert on things like this.”
“Things like this?”
“Food related.” I laughed, and lightly slapped his shoulder, before he helped me up to go find the pretty boy.
“You just threw up? Completely random, no stomach ache, or anything?”
“No it just kinda happened. I stood up a little too fast, and the room was spinning. Then I felt the strong urge to throw up, and proceeded to do so in the bathroom toilet.”
“You’re pregnant.” I began choking on the water that I had been sipping on.
“What?! How can you be so sure?”
“Well I’m not. Honestly, it could be anything, but until you get tested, it’s definitely a possibility.” I looked over at Tae. Why wasn’t he saying anything? I guess it had been a few weeks since we last made love, and my period was late this month. I couldn’t base it off of that though. My periods were always very irregular.
“You're period is late this month." I stared wide eyed at Tae. "Well that's that. Let’s go get a test.” Tae grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the front door. He began putting his shoes and coat on, then did the same for me. He lifted each foot, snuggling them into its specified shoe, then pulled each arm through the holes in my coat. I was in too much shock to even care that he was treating me like a child. He buckled me in the car, and took off for the nearest drug store. Looks like we would know once in for all.
I sat in the bathroom, Tae standing just outside the door. I stared at the blank test in my hand. My hands were shaking. All you have to do is pee on the stick Pais, it’s not that big of a deal. I thought back to that day when he took my virginity. We had fought over that stupid picture. My face morphed into a scowl. I didn’t lose my boyfriend, but I did lose a friend. I had met up with my friend from the K-Pop website for coffee one day, and spilled everything to him.
“I honestly wasn’t even interested in that guy. He has nothing on Tae at all. I would never cheat on him anyways. If I didn’t like him anymore, I would be honest and just tell him. But we’re ok now.”
“Oh… Well that’s good.” I raised an eyebrow at him.
“Got something on your mind that’s bothering you?”
“Well sort of.”
“Ooo! Spill! I just told you my drama, so it’s only fair for you to tell me yours.” I stared at him in anticipation. He always had the best gossip. He worked for a K-Pop website, it was only obvious that he would have the in on almost everything.
“I took the picture.” My hand froze, the edge of my cup just barely hitting my mouth. I set it back down without taking a sip.
“The picture of you and that foreign guy. I took it, and emailed it to Big Hit.” My mind didn’t want to believe what he was saying, but my ears had heard right.
“You’re the one that caused our fight.”
“Well it’s not my fault Tae doesn’t trust you. My boss was getting irritated at the lack of BTS drama, so he told me to create some.”
“So you used your best friend as a source for your little article? And didn’t even care that it almost ruined her relationship?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Fuck you. Fuck you and your article!” People were staring at me in the small café. “Forget about any more inside info about them, because you sure as hell aren’t getting anymore out of me.” I stood up and began to walk out.
“Pais wait-“
“I trusted you,” I hissed without turning around. My first friend in South Korea, besides the members of BTS, gone just like that.
I was shaken out of my flashback by a knocking on the door.
“Jagi? You ok in there?” Oh yeah, the test.
“Yeah! Just give me a second!” I looked back down at the test, and took a deep breath. You were going to find out eventually Pais. Better now than later.
We sat at the table, surrounding the test that was processing the results.
“Aish! This thing takes forever!”
“It’s barely been a minute Jimin.”
“It takes about three minutes for the results to show up.”
“Yah! Look! Something is showing up!” We all leaned into the test as the image became clearer.
“Well shit…”
A little pink plus sign was displayed in the small white box. I was pregnant.
I've decided it's a lot easier to just link the collection than link each individual chapter, and it also looks cleaner in my opinion. So yeah plot twist a little bit. Especially with her friend. And now theres a little addition to the Kim family on the way! I wonder if they'll get married? No idea.
Nooo :c I don't want drama to hurt the baby.
Duuuuuuuuude..... that's amazing! ^.^ so excited hahah. but her friend is an asshole ;-; so rude asf
my hearteu is.....oh my god
Omg! Yeey! I'm so excited 😄😄❤
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