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Okay sooooo... Ever wonder what it would be like dating Tae? Well I imagine it would go like this^ Don't lie you know this is on point.
Alright so this boy has some serious muscle. Kookie is said to be really strong according to the other members. He'd of course want to show off by slinging you over his shoulders just to prove to you how much strength he had.
Jimin= Gym Dates. Ugh...Jimin Ily but must we be so active all the time? Alright so this guy would always be a mega dork. Playing with your hair, tickling you...Just straight up messing with you.
JHope: This little ray of sunshine would just love to be near you. His smile would never fade unless you were away.
Jin: Awwwww he'd teach you how to cook if you couldn't already and maybe occasionally you two would have cook offs which ended in food fights...Whoops
Yoongi=Mega amounts of snuggling! Alright so you two would just hang out and mostly sleep all day...Literally. And when he wasn't sleeping he would demand you stay by his side to cuddle with him...Or else! If you ever did manage to get him out of the house it would be to go take some photography or just a quick walk. Nowhere too public or too crowded.
RapMon... He was difficult to do. He thinks so deeply I feel as though you two would just talk about everything. Go for walks, listen to music...
UPDATE: @drummergirl691 There ya go my dear^-^
So there you have it. Dating BTS. I'm going to do an Exo series about this sooooo if ya wanna be tagged lmk ;p
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This amazing!!! Please tag me!!!
Tag meh pwease? 😊
@catchyacrayon I'll be doing more so I'll tag you in them as well and I hope you don't mind I only have 1 taglist...So ppl get tagged in everything
It's ok!