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Korean is a really fun language to play around with once you know the basics, but it can also make it really hard for beginners to read!
I used to talk to a Korean friend of mine when I was just starting out and because of the "cute" spelling he'd use, I couldn't really understand him. SO FRUSTRATING.
Below are a few words that you might not recognize at first glance, but are actually words you know, just spelled funny!

Behold, Korean shorteners:

다음 = 담

(dah-eum = dahm)
다음 means next, but often in writing (informally!) people just write 담 :)

조금 = 좀

(joh-geum = johm)
조금 means a little, but often in writing (and occasionally speaking) people say 좀. Like "김치 좀 더 주세요" (Please give me a little more kimchi)

내일 = 낼

(nae-il = nael)
내일 means tomorrow, but in writing (usually just informal texting) people write 낼 like "낼봐!" (see you tomorrow!)

남자친구 = 남친

(nam-ja-chin-gu = nam-chin)
남자친구 means boyfriend but people in speaking and writing often say 남친 for short!
For girlfriend it would be 여자친구 = 여친

Can you think of weird things like this we do in English?

Can you think of any others in Korean?

Hmm! 남친 / 여친 (boyfriend / girlfriend) 남사친 ( just friend) 꿀잼 ( honey) 누잼 ( not interesting) 더럽개 (badly)
@ocherrylimeadeo i'm so proud of myself I that I could read what you wrote in Hangul
@kpopandkimchi okay good haha the boyfriend/girlfriend ones seems super useful though since they're so short
this is great! so they shorten the word the way we basically make acronyms like lol and wtf. a friend of mine said that GD used to end a lot of things with 행쇼 which was a really shortened way of saying "Be happy" or even simpler for English like saying "Peace!" Ken from vixx also shortens things too? he's infamous for saying 옽토카지 which i think is a shortened way of saying "What do i do!?" a friend of mine from Korea also said they have their own Wtf which is 뭥미? that's all i know tho!
wow this is useful :)
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