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he is so sexy...

he just exudes it from every pore and every pose

the tats, his attitude, his raps, his voice...he is just so gawd....

credits to the owners of pics and the interent....Bless Jay park for being his sexy self @PassTheSuga @stevieq @ladygdragon @Jiyongixoxo @SugalessJams
OMG someone give me water!!!!! I'm dying of thirst!!!
😂 i automatically heard Jay singing "oooh my gawd" in my head when i got to the second card. Jay is the whole package...i think? Possibly
@heidichiesa yes he is. I showed this card to my coworker every single pic today at work and she's was like "DAMN V you are all red...and he is sexy and I don't like Asian boys" "jay is sexy no matter what he can get in panties" was my reply and she choked on her coke a cola
Jay Park has me feeling some type of way...
omg those tattoos and that body he is so sexy😍
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