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안돼(요) - No way!


No! Literally: It can't be!

좋아(요) - Okay!


Yeah! I like that! Good!

Now, when a creepy stranger comes up to you offering you cookies, what do you say!?

See what Yebin says here:

It's a tough lesson to learn...saying no to cookies and ice cream :(

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She's so cute. When I first seen that video, I couldn't stop laughing. Korean Junkies did an episode with her, she's so smart and adorable.
I've seen this so many times because it's LIFE RUIN-INGLY ADORABLE
Uhg. I can't handle this amount of cuteness. She is just to precious.
awwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍 she's funny tho
I feel her it's hard to say no to things that you really like hahahaha