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This drama has taken me on an emotional roller coaster over the past two months. The family part of the reply series has drawn me in from the first series but Reply 1988 felt like it was the most relatable of the three. I really like how the series takes on subjects like voluntary resignation or menopause. The scene in episode 19 when duk seon was reading the plaque that she and her siblings got for their dad was really touching. Actually, that entire restaurant scene was touching to me. It makes me feel like I should be a better daughter to my own parents.
As for the romantic part of the series, it was not disappointing to me at all. I know that many viewers were #TeamJungHwan and I can't blame them since I was also partially rooting for him. I think that in the end Junghwan shows that first love doesn't always work out for everyone and sometimes you need to let go of the one you have feelings for and learn to love someone else. After finding out who the husband was (accidentally) I went back and watched Junghwan's fake confession again and it made more sense to me why he would do that. The title of the episode was "Goodbye first love" and it was Junghwan who was letting go of his first love. He confessed to her while offering her the ring but he then said it was a joke and at the end of the episode he leaves the ring at the table. To me, the ring represented his love for her and by leaving it at the restaurant he was leaving his feelings behind as well. Even Jung Hwan admitted that Taek wanted Duk Seon more than he did and he was more willing to do what Jung Hwan didn't have the courage to do. That being said, my heart still hurts for him.
Taekie was, to me, the underdog throughout most of the series. He seemed like he was another Chilbong (*cries*) since he was the famous one in the group that was absent alot. At the beginning of the drama I was hardcore #TeamTaek because he was such an adorable character (plus i love park bo gum) and he seemed to fit well with Duk Seon while having no problem in admitting his feelings for her (to the rest of the gang). I'm glad that Taek was the husband, especially after they revealed that he'd had feelings for her since they were kids. How cute is that? Moreover, he was more willing to act on his feeling for Duk Seon. Looking back on the previous episodes it actually makes more sense that Taek is the husband than Junghwan... His personality fit the husband, he smokes, etc.
One thing I would change is that I wanted to see how Taek and Duk Seon came out to their families about their relationship and their wedding. Also, I would've liked to know whether or not Jung Hwan and Dong Ryeong ever got married. Also, can I just say that Bora and Sunwoo are an adorable couple. I watched some of the behind the scenes videos and the actors who play them are actually pretty close friends so they found it awkward that they had to kiss and all that. They'd make a cute couple in real life too... Just saying.
There's one more thing that I'd like to talk about. HOW DID TAEK LEARN TO BE SUCH A GOOD KISSER?! Like he couldn't even make ramen... Maybe it's because of all the videos he watched with the other guys?
LOOK AT THAT!! He looks like he's really good at it!! Also, props to them for not doing a stereotypical drama kiss where the girl stands there with wide eyes and let's the guy do all the work.
I just saw this on Twitter. Somehow this ending makes sense to me but I would've flipped shit and cried all night if it had ended like this. Way too tragic...
But then they didn't really mention Dong Ryeong again either so I'm not sure what to think
...which is kind of what happened, as they effectively ended his importance in the story right about then!
@Kamiamon That's what I was freaking out about at the end of episode 18! I didn't necessarily think of death. but I thought they were saying goodbye to Junghwan for good then, like shipping him off to the military and not mentioning him again!
and as per the summary: I actually thought JungHwan would die at one point. I think it was when he was leaving and his mom cried after the door closed. I thought he was a goner
1. Please don't bring up Chilbong. I can't even. There has never been nor will there ever be a good time to discuss that tragedy. It will always and forever be too soon to talk about it. 😢😢😭😭😭 I have other things to say that actually relate to 1988 but I'll have to come back later b/c my heart has just been broken. Again.
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