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* This card is dedicated to @alohadaine, Jeremy Lin's biggest fan!

Jeremy Lin has been rocking some interesting hair styles this season.

They are a bit questionable, but the Linsanity's gotta do what he wants.
Well, his insane hair style earned him a foul during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks when a spike of Lin's hair "banged" into Jerryd Bayless.

Bayless not only got poked by Lin's hair, he also had to give up a foul. That's how magical Lin's hair is!

And when his hair isn't earning him fouls...
it keeps his opponents busy by distracting them with it.

Rashad Vaughn cannot keep his eyes off of Lin's hair.

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This reminds me that there's a Jeremy Lin doc that came out back in 2014ish that I still haven't watched that I want to. Welp, looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend.
Well it's a funny incident but yeah he's cool. Also he loves God so he's charming @mchlyang
@danidee it's on Netflix and it's really really good
@alohadaine AWESOME. I'll go into mine and watch it this weekend.
Yes go for it. Guarantee you'll like it @danidee