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Hopefully this card with make you happier than Kyungsoo^^

So, I'm studying for the TOPIK and I really REALLY want to improve my listening before the big test. I'm doing everything I can!

Here's one fun tip I have from my studying :D

뽀로로 - Pororo!

I actually watch Pororo in Korean on YouTube to test my listening skills! (Check out the channel here!) They also post the episodes in English so you can compare when you aren't sure of a word :D Plus, its a little kids show so the vocab and grammar isn't that hard!

뿌카 - Pucca!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find Pucca in Korean, even though it is a Korean character but you can watch her full episodes on YouTube! The shows tend to not have a ton of dialogue and are just fun to watch!

Do you guys use any special techniques to help your listening skills?

I love Pucca!!! I watched that as a baby child and I miss it so much!!!!
Ooh I should check out Pororo sometime. I think Running Man helps a little with vocabulary because there is so much repetition of the same words~
Lol I thought I was the only one who watched pororo 😂
I use kdrama and kpop hehe
@SabrinaSakura, nope... we do too
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