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And what a lovely stroll it was. This is the result of running in the middle of the night to visit my friend uptown for a one-on-one girl talk. My sad and depressed state was quite elated with this short walk. Finals are just around the corner... so as I was ready to exile myself into the library, the world decided that it would be a great time to make me terribly sick. And it's awful. I never get sick. It's not my thing. Sigh. I also need a break. Staying in one place for too long isn't healthy. After spending some time solidifying summer plans, I'm realizing that I may just end up in NY state the entire summer. Canceled plans and bad planning are starting to look like a very stagnant summer. Sort of craving a change of scene. That being said, I cannot wait to finish my exams and head back to the suburbs... I'm sure I'll be craving the polluted city air as soon as I get home. Hope you all are well and your summer plans are not looking as boring as mine. :)
Ah, New York...born and raised there! I love it, and I miss it ..... however, living in FL. on the beach, has its benefits as well,...I LOVE the beach .... this is a very good photo! Don't overdo yourself, you sound a bit overwhelmed with things ... take it easy, things will work out, you'll see... :)
I like it ~♥♥♥
Take care of yourself! And don't worry too much about summer plans not materializing! Everything will fall into place. It's summer and we're young :D Nothing's set in stones.
@carlosdang Yes it is! It's green for some reason. Changes everyday. And thank you! My eyes are the size of golf balls so we'll see when this dies down...
Is that the Empire State Building? Hope you get well soon! We all need a vacation :(