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Aaaah yes girl, Yaaaasssss!!!! Bobby ^^ ♡

Lucky girl!!! ㅠㅠ
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She looks WAAAAAAY calmer than I would be hahahahhhah
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@Maxxie12 @MelissaGarza 🎶🎶I got it from my daddy, I got it from my daddy. Hey where'd you get that body from, where you get that body from?! I got it from my daddy..🎶🎶 -PSY ft CL (YG unite) lol
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Yeah she's calmer then me, I would be waving at my face to try to calm myself down....I'm weak when it comes to Asian males
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Bobby has no chill
2 years ago·Reply
lol please I would of died right there and then 😂😂😂 she is more like a calm version of me seeing my bia without a shirt.
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