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Hiya Nakama! S/O to @devinrohers for tagging me in this challenge!! Check out the original card! So let's begin shall we?

5. Kuroshitsuji

Man, Black Butler is a great action packed anime. I know the seasons get mixed up as far as sequential order to the manga but both are really good. I just love the dynamics of a story of a young boy making a contract with a demon and seeing where that takes them. What consequences that lay ahead. And a lot of the characters are hilarious!!!

4. Kuroko no Basuke

I truly love this sports anime along with many others. I dont know I guess I chose this anime besides others is because it really is a mix of everything. It's heartwarming, intense, nail biting, sad, happy, thrilling, comedic, all at the same time. I cant help but always sit at the edge of my seat watching all of it c: I

3. Ouran High School Host Club

This by far is my favorite school romantic comedy themed anime! It is hilarious and endearing. I just fell in love with the characters and their stories and it just got me laughing and filled with all the feels for my favorite host club. I felt I could relate a lot to Haruhi and what she is going through as she grows up into a better individual. I see a lot of her in myself as qualities go. And how she overcomes those obstacles to get to where she is now is just amazing and inspiring.

2. YuYu Hakushu

This was my first anime I have ever watched and it still gets me hooked whenever I get the chance to see it. X3 This story has a likeness to it that finds a way to get everyone to love one character. Like maybe you like the kinda rebellious kid who still likes doing the right thing--Yusuke is your favorite. Maybe you like the character with the rough backstory and is really hard to get to know but yet everyone seems to respect him--Hiei is your man. Or maybe you like to see a character who had a sudden change in heart from one of the feared assassins who changes to a kind soul that turns for the better--Kurama is the one. And with the 112 ep I really love each second of the battles and missions.

1. Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

Naruto really has helped to learn life lessons that have changed me for the better. I somehow found some way to fall in love with characters over and over again. All of the characters and their stories and their character development just came to live right in front my eyes and it is as if I really understand where they are coming from because this anime & manga does a really good job of letting audiences step into a characters shoes and living the life as a ninja or rather a person misunderstood or an individual just trying to live to the next day. It hits all of my emotions and reminds me to never give up on myself or anyone/anything for that matter. X3
Honorable Mentions: Haikyuu! D.Gray-man Say I Love You Soul Eater Akatsuki no Yona Prince of Tennis SAO School Rumble And sooo many more... haha As much as I love this challenge, it is sooo hard to choose!! idk people can! Anime is life forever and always cx @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @Kirik @TylerDurso @Thatperson512 @LuffyNewman @ReinShirai @littlemaryk @nberry1620 @shannonl5 @Animefanatic18
yes, Naruto! and also, Kurama was one of my earliest boy crushes in anime.
I'm gonna make an updated top 5 pretty soon. Yu Yu Hakusho will definitely be on there!
Good to see Yu Yu Hakusho up there. :p I personally just can't pick a top five.. there is just no way I can narrow it down like that. Far too many to name and just wouldn't know how to have only top five. :/
And I'm on my phone...unable to do this challenge properly...XD Don't worry, I'll do it asap :)