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Taking requests!!!

Do you want to read a fan fiction about you and your ultimate bias? and he/she can be from any group!!! jus let me know who in the comments below and I'll try to post daily if not then at least 2 or 3 times a week...
@Helixx of course i will do all especially GD and Jin is my bias wrecker lol and im already gonna do rap monster. @ninjamidori Yesss!!! but want to be a year older like a noona or just younger like the other idols
Coming up for each and every one of you 😊 @jellybeanlov3 @DestinyXiong @PrettieeEmm @SusiBosshammer @chinabarrier16
UB is Namjoon of BTS
BTS Suga please :D
yes one of Namjoon!
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