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Hey guys i'm back with another card. been waiting for new anime to post here and here it is. This anime. wow. I am undoubtedly in love with this anime. Not because it's named after a disney movie. But because it changes so many things. (sadly no dwarves) Also how both the prince and the city-girl are somewhat open about their feelings toward eachother. Obviously there are those who would scoff at royalty being paired with commonfolk, but it doesn't stop them from loving each other. I love how they went straight to showing their feelings and didn't nitpick everything. I also like how other are becoming likely to catch feelings >3>. overall in my opinion i'd like to rate this anime as beautiful. Therefore, if any of you have your own comments/opinions/disagreements/etc. type it down below and tell me about em. thanks for stopping by and see you on my next card ^3^v
I also really love how we skip the whole not admitting their feeling part! It's nice to just have an anime where we see an actual relationship and see how it really develops & such.
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@hikaymm they go straight to lovey-dovey ^3^
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@AUGhead which is great :3 less angst = yay!
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i loved that anime
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