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There were a lot of Girl Groups that debuted this year, with much difficulty we have cut the list down to these nine groups...


1. The Ark - The Light
2. Oh My Girl - Cupid
3. Playback - Playback
4. CLC - Pepe
5. G-Friend - Glass Bead
6. MyB - My Oh My
7. April - Dream Candy
8. Jjarimongddang - Dandelion

*Voting Rules*

*These rules will change depending on the category*
1. If voting, you must listen to all of the songs before making your final decision.
2. Personal biases should be put aside, this is not a popularity contest, this is voting to determine who you think released the best girl group debut.
3. When you have decided who you want to vote for please write your vote in the comments section and tell us why you voted for that particular song or your vote will not be counted.

Please ask yourself, "Am I voting for this because I think it is the best song? Or is it because I like this girl group more?"

Check out the nominees below ^-^

1. The Ark - The Light

Five-member hip-hop group from Music K Entertainment surprised everyone when they made their official debut on April 10, 2015. With their song "The Light" an emotional and heart-wrenching rap ballad.

2. OH MY GIRL - Cupid

B1A4's sister group Oh My Girl (OMG) made their official debut under WM Entertainment on April 20, 2015. With the adorable and cheer-inspired "Cupid"

3. Playback - Playback

Playback, the four-member girl group from Clear Company, made their debut on June 25, 2015. With the upbeat and extremely catchy self-titled "Playback"

4. CLC - Pepe

CLC (CrystaL Clear) debuted under CUBE Entertainment on the 19th of March 2015. Their debut track "Pepe" established them as a girl group that is here to stay.

5. G-Friend - Glass Bead

G-Friend (Girlfriend) debuted under Source Music Entertainment on the 15th of January 2015. Their debut song "Glass Bead" is a sweet and upbeat love song.

6. MyB - My Oh My

MyB from Maroo Entertainment, debuted on August 25, 2015. With five members, since then they have added another girl boosting their member count to six.

7. April - Dream Candy

Five-member girl group from DSP Media, APRIL, debuted on the 24th of August 2015. with the adorable and inspiring song "Dream Candy" which reminds us of the importance of chasing after our dreams.

8. Jjarimongddang - Dandelion

Vocal trio from season 3 of K-Pop Star, Jjarimongddang (The Shorties) made their official debut on September 4, 2015. Under CS Entertainment.


TWICE debuted under JYP Entertainment, with an impressive nine members, on October 20, 2015. Their debut track "Like OOH AHH" is a fun and upbeat dance track...with zombies!!!
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!!Don't forget to read the voting rules before voting!!

!!Happy Voting!!

The Ark. The music video is touching and mixed beautifully with the lyrics. It's just amazing with the rap too.
I don't really listen to girl groups much but out of all of these Twice and the Ark caught my interest the most but song wise I think The Ark did better. there song was more emotional and it stuck with me more.
I'm voting for The Ark. As much as I love GFRIEND and April, The Light was one of the best rookie girl group songs of the year
The Ark!!! Their song is the most impressive debut I've seen in a while
so difficult to pick a favorite but The Ark killed me with that song... I'd say them
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