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So it's officially been five days since 'Pocket Mortys' has dropped, and I think I've played it enough to create some sort of review. Let me know if you guys agree or disagree - especially since I've heard a lot of your opinions on it already, and they are all as varied and special as snowflakes... or something. (I don't know what I'm talking about.)

It's so nice to hear Rick Sanchez's voice again!

I know some of you who have been going through 'R&M' withdrawals are feeling the same way when you're playing the game. Life is a little less thrilling when you don't get to watch Rick boss Morty around with exaggerated claims and ridiculous half-truths.
Plus, you know, hearing him talk smack to all the aliens and other Ricks he battles never loses its hilarity. Don't mess with Rick of Earth C-132. H-he'll (belch) crush you, M-Morty.

Being able to play this without Wi-Fi rules.

I'll be real. My relationship with a reliable Internet connection could use some work. I know that the fact that it's not PvP kind of sucks, but it's also nice to be able to play Pocket Mortys wherever I'm bored and want to without having to worry about having a stable connection.

The battles can get a little boring.

Maybe this is just how I feel about certain RPG-style games, but it's really easy to get bored in combat. Creating a battle strategy takes little-to-no effort, and you really have to be out of serum or attack power to lose. This is actually the biggest complaint I've seen about the game thus far, but well, when your favorite show is on hiatus until the end of time, you've got nothing else better to do, right?


The game's most redeeming quality is that - while the battles are kind of snore-worthy - you slowly get introduced to a ridiculous amount of Mortys. It's cool seeing just how much the game developers were able to take Morty's basic character design and play with it to fashion a number of different 'alternative Mortys'. Every time I think I've found my all-time favorite in the game, another hilarious one gets revealed.

Crafting is impossible if you're lazy.

I am as lazy as gamers come. I'm always the one in the MMO with all the ranged damage abilities because I can't be [expletive] to go in and do all the messy work. Needless to say, if @DavidPap didn't already make a card of all the Pocket Mortys recipes he'd discovered, I probably would have continued forward without ever crafting and constantly have to jack my Mortys up with serum from Salesman Rick's.
(Speaking of @DavidPap, have you guys seen his Pocket Mortys collection? The comments going on between him and @clobbersaurus have been helping me in-game a lot.)
Overall, there's definitely some room for improvement in the whole makeup of the game, but I think it's a lot of fun for 'Rick & Morty' fans who want to kill some time while waiting for Season 3!

What do YOU guys think about the game now that you've had some time to play it?

I know that some of you already expressed how you felt. Do you guys agree or disagree with my impressions? Let me know!
my favorite Mortys are definitely the utensil wielding Mortys. I love the transition of his face between them.
@Stoneyy @danidee. just get some of the stuff that recovers ap. there's one that recovers 10% and one that recovers 100%
@MajahnNelson The LG G-Flex 2: Protect ya ass.
they should totally put that in the advertising campaign. It's an important asset 馃槀 @danidee
@MajahnNelson Bahahaha, I think they're why they're shaped like that. They're like booty huggers.
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