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Because he literally made a Vingle account just to surprise me on my birthday with a special card he wrote all about the beginning of our relationship.
You're all pretty darn sweet, but it was actually the sweetest thing that's ever happened to me on Vingle... and probably one of the funniest birthday surprises I've ever gotten.
>>> You can read the card here if... <<<

1) You want to see a bunch of really embarrassing pictures of me.

2) You'd love to understand why I'm hyperventilating while simultaneously smiling so much my face hurts.

3) Or maybe just to get a little slice of why I'm so damn in love with this boy. :)

My @MysteryBoy, that is. 馃槏馃巿
Oh my god. OH MY GOD. hahahahahah
Heyyyy!!! No Vingle marriages!!! XD 馃槤馃槝 hehehe @RaquelArredondo
That is wonderful :D definitely a vingle marriage going on ^^
Hahahahaha. How about "Vingle"?
I hope @MysteryBoy is okay with us naming our first child @InPlainSight...
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