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I recently embarked on the journey of (finally) finishing Toradora. And I totally loved it! And Taiga is already one of my favorite girls!

Today I wanted to make a card about Episode 19. Because ouch.

I think it's easy to forget that Taiga isn't just a brat, and that she really cares deeply for Ryuuji. I think we all know she cares about having him around, but I know I forgot just how much that might mean to her on a more romantic level, because I think she had refused to admit it, too.
The first time I watched this episode, I was actually pretty impressed that Minori had realized how much Taiga really was feeling for Ryuuji. I mean, I think if I was in her position, I would have taken Taiga's word for it that he's just her "precious dog," you know?
But this episode...it's like. You finally just feel how happy they are together, and you feel really happy about Ryuuji going back for Taiga, only for her to make him leave....
...and then Minori has to find her like this. Just....ouch.
Seeing Taiga cry, and truly cry over the person who has always put making her happy above making herself or anyone else happy was totally heartbreaking. This is the episode that really made Toradora stick with me (yes, I was already digging it, but this one got me in the feels more than any other episode had). This kind of real feeling & real complicated situation between people upped it on my list for sure!!
And seeing Ryuuji get rejected, even though it's for the best because I don't think he likes Minorin like he thinks he does, is hard, too.

Well. That's all, haha! I just wanted to vent about all of this. Because ouch, this really hurt my feelings a lot. I really just couldn't wait for them to all finally be happy!!

@MetalMorgan In theory I wish it was more exciting, but....well, I think if it was really that dramatic I would probably hate it XD
@MetalMorgan I appreciated that while dramatic it was also somewhat realistic in how it played out & in the ending, you know? things aren't always smooth in real life
one of the best comedy/romance anime out there. And it ends so beautifully too
I rate this a 9.9 out of 10
I'm not gonna lie I cried like a baby when she started crying @hikaymm I'm a tough dude but this scene totally broke me
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