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So I'm just getting into Noragami. All I can say is.. DAMN why can't Anime guys be real.. So inlove with Yato right now..
Yato the God of War / God of Calamity Yato appears as a young man in his early twenties. He is usually seen wearing his signature navy jersey, along with a tattered scarf tied around his neck. He has dark, bluish-violet, chin-length hair, which he occasionally wears in a ponytail, and blue eyes, which have cat like irises when he is angered. Comparing him to Yukine (155 cm) he appears to be roughly between 175 and 180 cm, leaning towards the taller side.
Idk about you but I'm Def enjoying watching this show although I'm kinda like no paying attention lol his eyes are very distracting I can focus on what's going on.. Damn you artist.. Lol
I mean WHO'S idea was it to make his eyes SKY FREAKIN BLUE it's a but unfair..
He's Alil too carefree for me right now.. I hope that changes later on..
He doesn't really like people either but he wants to be worshipped by all. Kinda backwards don't you think?
He can really cool sometimes too. We'll all in all I like the show so far.
I love noragami.. I'm on chapter 65 and it's getting awesome
It's so good!!! I can't wait for season 3!!!
trust me, it gets way better. and season two is is bettter than the first. πŸ’™
The color of his eyes is what lead me to want to learn more about this show, and ultimately lead to reading the manga and watching the show.
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