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I was just reading an article about how Paris Hilton is hanging out with Ai Weiwei these days, and then it turned into a Google fest where I found this gem from Paris's 2004 cameo on teen drama "The OC" - aka "Gossip Girl" with less turtlenecks. You guys. You know you're old as hell when Paris Hilton, a filthy rich hotel heiress, is talking to someone about camera phone technology like it's as equally confounding as self-driving cars or those body parts grown in petri dishes. @MooshieBay @ButterflyBlu @LAVONYORK, I thought of you three INSTANTLY.
@MooshieBay True story. That's so depressing.
It's all about money now
@mooshieBay It's so dumb how now my phones seem to barely make it through my 2 year contract.
Yup. She rarely used it. My friend old still uses hers that around the same age as my mom's lol. Still works
@ZachIT Bahaha, for me, it's only better because I didn't have to pay bills.
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