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Someone mentioned the Naruto musical in a previous card. I was curious, so I Googled it and found the whole thing on Youtube!!!! Personally, I loved it and enjoyed every aspect of how they adapted the special effects. Even the cheesy parts made a good impression on me.
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@Jackierr wasn't it?! I loved it too!!!! More ppl should watch it! Gotta spread the word out! Maybe write a petition so it can be done here in the US and across the world bcuz it's so awesome. lol (^_^)
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@NathanBryden there's no subtitles but if uve read and seen the series u would definitely know what's going on. Enjoy!!! (^_^)
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@jlo0219 haa that would be kool,Baruto Coming To Theaters Near You xD whoooooooo!!!!!!
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xD thats ima watch as soon as i get up,Music V:100% xD
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haa wow that was awsome lol really good actors lll they acully look like them
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