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Out of all the anime I've seen so far, these are my favorite:
5: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Higurashi tells the chilling tale of a seemingly normal town with a lot to hide. When a teenage boy moves to this town and befriends the locals,things go horribly wrong.This was the first horror show I watched, and I'm glad it was. It set standards for every other anime I've seen in the same genre.
4:Anohana-The Flower We Saw That Day
When six friends are so close nothing can tear them apart, except for the death of the one that keeps them together. This is what happened to Jintan and his friends, but many years later when the one who died comes back to haunt Jintan until he grants her one wish, what will become of his life? I love Anohana for the characters, the art, and for most of all, the way it pulled at my heart strings.
3: Fate/Zero
Fate/Zero has an intriguing plot too complicated to describe, but in short its about the participants in The Holy Grail War and their complications when trying to win. I REALLY love Fate/Zero and could not stop watching it, I binge watched both seasons and was really sad when it was over.
2:Code Geass- Lelouch of The Rebellion
An evil empire took over Japan, so when Lelouch is granted a power to make anyone do whatever he wants, he decides he must use the power to save Japan. Code Geass provokes so many emotions and was so intriguing that I couldn't stop watching it. The characters relationships made it even better to watch and made the twists and turns even more unexpected.
10 Honorable Mentions
I love Steins;Gate because it is the perfect show for me, it has everything I love. It's dark, has time traveling, its psychological, the characters are awesome, and the plot is amazing. Okabe is also one of my favorite characters because no matter what he goes through he's still able to be funny and act like himself.
Code Geass <3
thank you for javing code geass on the list. it is such an under appreciated anime.