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A girls first kiss is definitely one for the books.

Sharing a kiss with someone for the first time is a memory that will be etched in the back of your mind for years, regardless of how awkward it may have been. As much as we want that first kiss to be perfect, there are several stories of two people who embraced in a smooch and wished they were invisible for whatever the case may be. As easy as it sounds, some people just aren't kissers and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you ask me, I find hugs to be much more intimate and meaningful [see card here] -- but I'm sure I'm one of few who feel that way.
While some anticipated sparks flying the first time they locked lips, others experienced spit flying. It's okay to be awkward, we all have our moments -- some more than others, but at the end of the day it all boils down to who was brave enough to tell their story. We've all been there, so there's absolutely no need to bask in shyness -- but in case you need a bit of inspiration to share just how awkward your first kiss was, check out the video below to here a few awkward first kiss stories as told by the Whisper app guaranteed to make you appreciate just how awkward your first kiss happened to be.
I believe I was 15 years old when I locked lips for the first time. I was at my friends house with a group of friends and I was hanging with the guy I had a crush on. I can't really say I knew what I was doing, but let's just say -- we are definitely visual learnings, or at least I am.
I think that when you put too much thought into something it can turn out to be a disaster, but if you happen to go with the flow -- you'll be smooth sailing. The same can be said when it comes to kissing, like Drake said 'don't think about it too much'.

Do you remember your first kiss?

Share your story below.
well i was with my friends and this girl i took an interest in was with them long story short we ended up alone and i went for the kiss even though it was my first and it was lips until well she forced herself into my mouth with her tounge i was like no no mama you dont do that i awkwardly kinda went back with my friends
My first kiss, I being 5 years younger thought he would be much more experienced. It was raining so I thought it'd be magical but instead he shoved his tongue down my throat in a non magical way at all . lmao
@AkashBhojraj its not life program that we should follow. It's emotions of heart that reflect outside. :)
mine was perfect, he held me in his arms got close enough to let our noses touch then leaned in and kissed me , everthing just came naturally. (tho he did taste like cigarettes)
Lol I'm in that same boat for expecting no tongue and she just went ham on my face lol
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