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I'm new and stuff. idk all their names yet but i recognise most of them apart from bbomb and ukwon... whos ur bias.? mine are Zico and Taeil.. Zico is cute and funny and Taeil is super swag and badass! here are my fav songs of theirs..
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I love Block B!! I saw them in concert a couple months back and they were amazing! PO is bae ♡
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@ScarletMermaid aww he is so cute aye..the cutest maknae ever..and he flirts with fans..did u meet them but my favs r Zico, Kyung and Taeil Kyung and his fans lol
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@kpopdeluxegirl I was a part of an awkward high fiving thing at the end of the show. I was sooo nervous! I totally blacked out and spoke korean to PO...but the only thing is I don't know korean lol. it was a lot of fun tho! I love all of them! They're all so magical! ♡_♡
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Don't have a bias!!! Love them all to pieces! <3
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@ScarletMermaid aww so luckii
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