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When Jesus heard of it, He departed thence by ship into a desert place apart. Christ loved the Baptist, and was grieved when He died. He sought to get into a quiet place where He might receive God’s comfort. Another reason for His going away was that His disciples might get rest. This shows the thoughtfulness of Christ for His friends. He knows now when we are tired, when our work is too hard for us, or our hours are too long. When Christ reached the secluded place He found throngs waiting. Yet He was not impatient with them. He gave up His own rest and set to work at once to relieve their distresses and supply their wants. The measure of a man’s usefulness is the number of people who need him. We say that Christ alone can meet people’s needs and feed their hungers. But He would do it through us. The only hands He has for love’s ministries are our hands. The only bread He has for human hunger is the bread that is in our baskets. “Give you them to eat.”
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If only everyone felt that way♡