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@Chocomayne Superman sucks as a hero he inherits his powers from another planet. Green lantern uses a fucking magical ring. Batman is a rich prick in latex and Wonder Woman is just a slutty whore
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He inherits his powers from a yellow sun, Batman ignores his limits out of sheer will power, Wonder Woman can pull harder than a black hole, and Green Lantern has a ring that is run off of WILLPOWER!! You uncultured swine! Haha I'm assuming you don't know much about DC based on that statement and that's probably you think they are weak willed! @DustinAtkinson
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DC has never held that much fascination for me idk why but it just hasn't. Maybe it's because they made Green Arrow in the tv show look like Ben Affleck's Daredevil
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Honestly if you enjoy comics then DC has GREAT stories in the New 52!
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@shannonl5 HELL YEAH
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