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Summary: Payj (Page) is an American woman trying to make it out in the Kpop world. She is not only leader of her group Mix It but she is also the main choreographer, rapper, part producer, and all around mother for the group. She has no time for anything that doesn't involve her group or her music career. She can be a bit cold hearted towards the opposite sex but that doesn't stop a group of curious seniors from trying to worm their way into her already busy life. How is she to survive the hurricane that is BTS and still make sure her musical work is perfect?
The dress? The dress was suffocating yet beautiful. The black material clung to my body a slit in the floor length gown stretched up to my thigh and the back dipped down to my lower back. My hair? My hair was curled to perfection and my nails had even been painted a nice maroon color. I stared at the stranger in the mirror and momentarily wondered if I could run and get my usual sneakers and sweats. “Well look at you.” I heard the mocking laugh from behind me and turned to face MiMi in a little red number. She looked so natural all dolled up. It was well known even by the fans that I wasn’t exactly the girly girl type.
“Don’t laugh at me.” I gave her my best pout face which only made her laugh harder. “Do we have to dress like this?”
She nodded her head and smiled at me brightly as the rest of the girls made their way into the room. “Of course you have to. It is an award show after all.” MiMi tilted her head to the side and eyed me from head to toe. “Who knew you would be such a knock out in that dress though. Maybe I should have taken that one instead.”
I shook my head. If she had taken this dress then there was no doubt that I would have been stuck in the mini red dress she was modeling and I would have been even less comfortable. I looked around the room at the other three. HeeRa wore a cute ruffled pink thing that I swore looked like a dress my little sister had once owned for one of her dolls. CC wore an innocent and simple sleeved dress that floated about her knees and Luna, being the rebel she always was, had ditched the dress they had picked for her and was strutting around in a mini skirt and a tank top. I wished I was able to defy Boss Man like she was, but as leader I had to set a good example even if she didn’t care either way.
“Don’t worry Payj we will be able to change for our prefomance. We just have to wear these for the pictures and cameras.” HeeRa nodded her head trying her best to reassure me. I smiled at her but inside I was screaming at the thought of anyone seeing me dressed like this.
“Okay ladies the car is ready and waiting we need to be on our way.” Our manager had walked into the room and beckoned us to hurry so we wouldn’t be late. Silently we followed her out the door.
I took a deep breath straightened my shoulders and led the girls out of the car. The moment my foot touched the red colored carpet the flashes began. Watching award shows on the T.V you could always see how the stars were bombarded by pictures and questions but you would just blow it off. Now standing here resiving the same treatment I couldn’t help but feel sorry for ever thinking that stars had it easy. The flashes blinded me and I could do nothing but plaster a smile on my face.
After being led around to pose for pictures with the girls we finally made it inside. The place was already packed with both fans and stars alike. We made our way to the tables in front where all the idols, rappers, and other stars would sit. A place card sat in the middle of each table letting the groups know where to sit. Being a new rookie group we had been seated a bit off to the side our seniors could take front and center.
The boys watched as Mix It walked passed looking lost and completely nervous. They remembered their first time at an award show and it could be intimidating when you had to be on your toes infront of your seniors. The girl’s table was only a couple away from them and they watched as they all sat down. “You know I don’t think little Payj is going to make it in those heels.” Taehyung whispered. Jungkook nodded.
“She will be fine, and if she falls I’m sure she will recover quickly.” Namjoon shrugged. The boys turned back to the award show as the MC made his way on stage.
The award show ended without any issues and the girls repeatedly congratulated me on not making an ass out of myself by falling on my face in heels. I was in such a hurry to go change out of this dress and heels that I had completely ignored the group of boys trying to catch my attention until I felt a hand gently grab my arm. “Easy gorgeous no need to hurry.” I flipped around ready to slap the man that grabbed me but ended up face to face with Hoseok.
Flustered I gently pulled my arm free and bowed saying hello to my senior label mates. The girls all followed suit and the boys laughed. “No need to be so formal.” Jimin pipped up and we all stood back up.
Namjoon put his hand out for a handshake. “Hello and welcome to Korea. Sorry we haven’t introduced ourselves sooner.” His English was rather amazing for someone who had taught himself.
“Thank you. It has been…” I paused looking for the right words. “Interesting I suppose.” I laughed and MiMi cleared her throat. She hated it when I would go into conversations in English especially if the other person was one she was crushing on. I eyed her knowingly and smirked debating on if I should get her back for picking on me about the dress. “You know MiMi here.” I watched as her eyes grew bigger. She might not have known what I was saying but she sure knew she was the topic. “She is feeling a little unstable in her heels tonight and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind escorting her to the car for the after party.” I smiled at Namjoon and he nodded offering his arm to MiMi. I turned and whispered in her ear as I passed. “Hm looks like someone has an escort to the after party.” MiMi glared at me but did not waste the chance to be close to her crush.
The rest of the girls followed as Namjoon and the boys made their way toward the exit. I let out a sigh and pulled my phone out of my purse. The bright white numbers flashed at me and I smiled. ‘Only 10PM’ I thought to myself ‘I still have some time to go back to my practice room.’ In sending MiMi off with BTS I had pretty much succeeded my easy escape back to the practice room to work on the group’s next song. If MiMi had been around I would have been forced to go to the after party and spent the time thinking there was so much more I could be doing. “Why thank you BTS.” I said aloud smiling to myself.
“You’re welcome.” I nearly jumped out of my skin as I turned around to see Jungkook standing there smiling. “Aren’t you coming Noona?”
Placing my hand on my chest I laughed. “You scared me.” I shook my head and looked at him apologetically. “No I think I should go back and work on the music for our next comeback.”
He made a pouty face for a moment before smiling as if he had discovered something. “Why don’t I come with you Noona? It’s no fun to be alone.”
How could I say no to that face? I would admit he was rather handsome and I didn’t want to see that smile turn into a frown when I told him no so I nodded my head before really thinking. “You can come.” The moment the words left my mouth I regretted them. I couldn’t afford to be distracted at work and that’s all boys were, distractions. Especially the cute little ones like Jungkook.
It was going to be an interesting night.
I am happy I was able to get this second part out so quickly. I debated if I should add more to this one but decided to keep the night in the studio as a chapter on it's own. Be ready for some alone time with Jungkook in the next chapter. If I am lucky I should get the next part out before I have to go to work. Let me know what you think.
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I can already tell that the next chapter is going to KILL ME OMFG IM SO EXCITED