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Ready or not, here it comes.

The moment all you fashionistas and fans alike have been anticipating for. Taylor Swift's clothing line, Heritage 66 has been revealed at Hong Kong Fashion Week. Although her line of clothing is going to be sold solely in China, it's still rather exciting to know that yet another celebrity is branching out.
The great thing about this clothing line is that it caters to pretty much everyone -- and well, I mean it's Taylor Swifts clothing line. What's better than that, right? If you're into graphic t-shirts, than you'll definitely love this collection by TS. Everyone has a right to their opinion and maybe it's just me, but the clothing line seems to be a bit mediocre if you ask me. But who am I? Keep scrolling to see TS clothing line debut at Hong Kong Fashion Week.

The outfit on the right isn't too bad, but I'm not too sure if I'm feeling the rest.

What do you think about TS clothing line?

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Yes! Those were super cute, so I was expecting a bit more from this collection @EasternShell
@jordanhamilton I'm a little disappointed. I like the shoes she designed with Keds.
It's fan wear and a bit junior miss. I do like the halter and trousers, but it really basic.
Definitely basic. I agree junior wear for sure @EasternShell