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In Vingle you won't be single, You will have people, who support you, who guide you, who make your day, In vingle, you get a family, A family of people, from around the world, who are your friends, who give you advice, and give you something to hope, to dream, that even if we are different, we are one, a one gigantic family! Here you get moderators, who are strict, but are perfect fit! Here are talks and profiles, where we can express, our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our hopes! Vingle is a common ground, where we chat, from harrypotter, to spiderman, to news, to sports, and it's easy to host. Write what you want, express your thoughts, what more could anyone want, That's why we love Vingle... In Vingle you won't be single!
I. Love. This! :-) Feel the same way. Made me smile reading it & thinking of the joy you would've got coming up with it. Not to mention then able to openly share it. :-) Another amazing Vingle example of how the world is supposed to be. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you..😊😊 @RaquelArredondo @danidee
I LOVE IT, Akash!!! Lovely words and it helped me feel so close to all my fellow Vinglers ^_^ it's true, on Vingle you won't be single!! We're all here for each other. Thank you for filling my heart with warm fuzzies <3 :D
This is effing awesome, and so true! Thank you for this!!!! Made my day!
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