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We all know it's everyone's wildest dream to become a YG artist so this was definitely the challenge for me now let's take a glimpse into my fabulous future as a YG artist✌️ Thank you @kwonofakind for this lovely challenge
So I guess I'm this future I don't know how dorky top is because I'm scared of him 😂 but I guess it makes sense he's a weirdo and at first glimpse looks extremely mean but deep down he's just a bean
Um okay lol I guess I got to know this dork and now we are really close , I can only imagine the fun we have joking around😂
Didn't get the queen but this kid here is one of my winner bias so definitely no complaints here , we can teach each other some insane dance moves 😂
Um ......I guess jail is a nice place 😂😂 Chanwoo is extremely underage so I'll guess we'll just say I admire his talent ??😂😂
Yeah get ready for the sickest collabs out there , B.I , seungyoon and me.....the worlds not ready 😂
...........this photo shoot right here!!! Mino!!! I love Dara but I'm gonna have to Stand between Donghyuk and Mino because they are too perfect😍😍😍
I mean it's only right that queens hang out together😂😂 CL! Bom!! Idk chanhyuk tbh but this squad seems legit Although my phone rigged this and I didn't get GD its perfectly fine because I'm really close to Top and guess who's close to him??😂😂
I just saw this... the whole entire TOP issue thing... he he good luck. ... I did mines,, and I mostly got GD *still can t believe it*
@GDsGF I know lol makes no sense but I guess I can't complain
youre close to and scared of top haha 👌🏻❤️
@BBxGD lucky lol I was shocked I didn't get GD