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The best first date ever is the one where you and your loved one try to recapture by doing it again and again, just because it was so magical.
My vision of something like this is something that could easily be duplicated:
Zuma Beach--late afternoon/early evening.
You and him/her meet up and stroll to the aluminum taco truck for some grab and go fare and stroll to the beach.
Talk. Laugh. Enjoy the moment.
Spot a dolphin in the water.
Read a chapter from a book you both love.
Giggle and scream from the feeling of frigid Malibu waters touching your feet, even in the Summer.
Easy. Chill. Comfortable. Relaxing.
If you spy me in Zuma with Mexican food in my grasp and I'm not alone, don't interrupt--it's a date!

What is your idea of a best first date ever? Share!

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That sounds amazing!!!!! Although I would substitute the fried chicken for some fried catfish or tilapia. Yummmmmm! And corn on the cob 馃槏
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Workout together in the morning, eat a nice brunch, take a nap, go out and do some grocery shopping, cook dinner, and turn on a baseball game. After the game, fall asleep watching a rom com!
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@mchlyang has been dreaming of this his whole life. #canyoutell ? hahaha
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fried catfish @jordanhamilton nuff said
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YES!!!!!!! 馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑
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