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Every now and then, we find amazing beauty hacks within our kitchen and it's absolutely amazing. There's no better feeling than saving money on high end cosmetics when you have household items that do the same exact thing. Whether you're looking to clean your makeup brushes or clean your scalp, you'll be extremely surprised when you find out that this all-purpose item can help you save so much money when it comes to beauty.
Does baking soda ring a bell? Of course not, but it happens to be the perfect item for catering to all your beauty needs. Close your wallet and open your pantry, it's time to get down to beauty -- I mean business.

Acne Spot Treatment

Stop spending crazy money on spot treatments that barely work when you can make your own spot treatment in the comfort of your own home with just a little baking soda and water. Kiss those pimples goodbye.

Clean And Bright Teeth

I remember growing up my mom would add a splash of baking soda to her toothpaste and brush her teeth. I always found this method odd, but her teeth were always clean. Make your own teeth brightener by adding a bit of baking soda to your toothpaste.

Perfect Body All Natural Scrub

Body scrubs are so tempting, yet so expensive. Save your money honey and make your own. Add oatmeal, sugar or salt to the baking soda to create the perfect scrub.

Clarifying Shampoo

Ran out of shampoo? No worries. Baking soda will do the trick. Be careful though, it's not for all hair types.

Washing Your Makeup Brushes

As a woman, washing your makeup brushes can be tedious -- but it must be done. To get your brushes squeaky clean, use a mix of both baking soda and water.

Have you ever tried any beauty hacks using baking soda?

If so, comment below.
Also can be used to unclog a drain...I've tried it for the bathtub clog (hair, ugh). Pour baking soda down the clogged drain (I base amount on the severity of clog) and then pour in white vinegar. Let sit and work it's magic, then I usually wait bout 30 minutes, pour hot water to flush the drain.
Used it for both acne and teeth whitener, great results tbh but beware future users the acne treatment should only be done once a day tops, doing it every other day or every day is a far better option while using a mild soap or face wash between because the baking soda can really be harsh on a lot of skin types, it would increase reddening at times sometimes make your skin feel raw. Trick to reduce face reddening is witch hazel though.
Lets do it^^
I tried it to make the teeth brighter and clean, but never knew it could work for hair and body
Baking soda and water for acne is really good but it can dry out the skin馃榿
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