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He. Pays. For. Dinner.

Despite the controversy, if you're on a date, it's the guy who pays the bill--not you!
Plain and simple.
I was looking into this and here is what LovePanky has to say on the matter:
"If you’re the woman in the date, thank your date for a wonderful time but don’t reach out for your wallet. Dating may be expensive, but that’s no excuse for a guy to treat a woman he may eventually go out with like she’s a friend. Paying for dinner is a small sign of appreciation a man has to display to thank the woman he’s with. If he can’t afford dinner, can he really afford to date you and go out with you on a regular basis?"
So guys, don't be THAT GUY and awkwardly say, "Split the bill?" or something like it.
Do you agree with this? Yes or no, please feel free to share your ideas and comments!
@marshalledgar @humairaa @alywoah its like who's raising these guys?? if I'm on a date its because I asked her out, I'm the one that's got to show her I'm worth her time not the other way around
I am all about the guy paying for the date -- ESPECIALLY the first one. I don't pull out my wallet on a first date. And if I end up having to, I don't call that guy ever again. That's just my little weird rule. When I am in a relationship, I of course don't mind paying here-and-there.
Personally, I don't mind if we split the bill. But if you ask a person on a date, you should be the one to pay. I mean that's fair right? Cx
Lol I love that!!! I'm going to start saying that 😂😂😂😂 perfect! And you're right, I should really stop reaching for my wallet @marshalledgar and @buddyesd I can definitely appreciate that mentality. It's nice to be wined and dined. Although I will say, I do think there should be a balance... IF you two are an actual couple. Like if I'm in a committed relationship, I don't mind paying for my man every now and then and vice versa.
One of my favorite things to say, when I am asked to join (anybody) out for drinks or food is, "Okay, you pay; I pray!" hahhahaahahahhaa Put that wallet away @jordanhamilton. The standard left when men weren't allowed to be men. They were emasculated in media and chivalry was somehow seen as demeaning to women. Just a bunch of malarky! I agree @Alywoah, the standard needs to come back.
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