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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Set! Let's Go~

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita (Op #1) by Pet na Kanojotachi

(Ai Kayano = Shiina / Mariko Nakatsu = Nanami / Natsumi Takamori = Misaki)
You have no idea how much joy this anime brings and has brought to my life. My absolute favorite romance/comedy anime of all time and of course, those who know me already know that Shiina Mashiro is my anime crush. With this opening, everything started I still have a special place for it in me. The fact that its the characters singing it makes it even more enjoyable than it should be. A song and video that depicts to absolute perfection what the anime is about.

Yume no Tsuzuki (Op #2) by Konomi Suzuki

The opening for the second half of the anime and is still very memorable. It's not at the level of the 1st opening song, but it was perfect for the transition to the 2nd half of the anime and those who've watched it know what I'm talking about. Not only that, they brought Konomi who has done songs for animes such as "Absolute Duo" and "No Game No Life". Another great song in sync with the development of the characters and the anime itself (Starting at episode 13).

I Call Your Name Again by Mariko Nakatsu (Nanami Aoyama)

This opening is a bonus as it was the theme song for only one episode (#14) and its Nanami with a solo this time. This one is very different from the other two, it's emotional and relaxing and even though I want to spoil, I won't. I will just say there's a reason for this song for that specific episode. While it was the theme song for only one episode, it has to be one of the most memorable soundtracks of the entire anime because of how big the impact of the episode was.

1st Picture: The 3 members of "Pet na Kanojotachi"

2nd Picture: Konomi Suzuki

3rd Picture: Nanami Aoyama

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo OST by Rina Sato Strings

The OSTs are fantastic! It has that unique flavor of the anime for any situation happening in with the characters. The comedic tracks are hilarious to say the least but the ones that really shine are the emotional ones. I have no idea how many times it has made me cry and have goose bumps every time I listen to the emotional tracks. Rina did an amazing job at making those emotional moments and hilarious moments even more impactful and memorable.

Days of Dash (Ed #1) by Konomi Suzuki

The ending song for the 1st half and the BEST ending song out there. I still scream "DAYS OF DASH!" everytime I listen to that chorus. Konomi Suzuki bringing us another great song and I love the fact that the ending song is not like other animes where the song makes you feel the anime is actually ending but it feels as if this was just another opening song and makes you scream "I want more!".

Prime Number (Ed #2) by Asuka Ookura

Let me tell you why Asuka is so good. Even though she is still a rookie, she has made some great tracks before her debut. She came all the way to the finals of Animax Japan competition and WON! The song that she performed and won at the finals was "Prime Number". She has so much potential but its unfortunate that she is still just a rookie. I believe she is in the works for more amazing tracks for anime but we will just have to wait.

1st Picture: Konomi Suzuki

2nd Picture: Asuka Ookura

Which of the songs is your favorite? and what is your opinion on the anime~ Those who haven't watched it, make sure to check it out!

Listen to your heart's content~

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the 1st op is my favorite and I 100% adored this anime :D
The pic at the top is so kawaii
This is really nice :D