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"Sir they are all here." "Perfect. You know what to do." Daesung is determine to kill them one by one. Daesung boys got together and grabbed their guns and weapons. They left to their spots to get the boys. "You need to stop this, or else you will just end up dead, bastard. " Seungri looks at Daesung with anger. Daesung walks towards Seungri. He looked at him straight into Seungri eyes but Seungri didn't blinked. Then Daesung quickly stabbed Seungri on his legs. Seungri yells in pain, which echoed the building. "If I was you, keep your mouth shut. Or I will make sure you won't be able to walk again." Daesung walks away. Seungri is bleeding and the pain is getting worse. The knife is stuck into his leg. "Jiyong! JIYONG!!" Seungri yelled over and over, hoping he can here his scream. Then he felt weak. He is loosing too much blood.
The boys enter the factory. There guns are raised up and they start to haunt. "Daesung boys are full of tricks. They hide into dark spaces and slowly they will ambush you" Mi-na whispers. The boys starts to looks around. Seung-hyun and Jiyong stand in the front and lead ahead. They both have more expiernce with guns. Especially Seung-hyun. Seung-hyun saw a gun flash across his face. Then he quickly turn towards the flash. BANG! The body dropped . BANG BANG BANG!! Jiyong and Seungri ran to the left behind a pillar. Sol and Mi-na ran to the right behind a machine. The gunshots started going crazy. Seung-hyun and Jiyong started to eliminated those one top as Sol and Mi-na eliminates those on the bottom. Jiyong noticed a scream. But can't seem to figure out what it was. Seung-hyun quickly grabbed Jiyong and pulled him towards him and he shoot a guy on a corner which had a clean shot to kill Jiyong. Jiyong then saw three guys aiming for Sol as Sol was busy shooting the people from the bottom level. He stands and point the gun towards them. BANG BANG BANG. One by one they fall to the floor and let their heads splat to the floor. Seung-hyun stand next to Jiyong. "I'm out" Sol said "Me too" Seung-hyun and Jiyong added. "The guys ran out of bullets also. They coming towards us though" Mi-na yelled. The guys started to make a circle around the boys and Mi-na. Some had bats and knives in their hands. "Alright you guys, we got to fight, careful with the knives, you got it!" Jiyong commanded. "YES!" The boys and Mi-na shouted. The bad guys started going towards them. Sol quickly started using his legs and started to kick the knives of their hands. Then he grabbed one guy and strike him with his fists into his face. Then he grabs another guys arm and twist is till the bone cracked. Then he grabbed and bat laying on the floor and quickly swinged at his head. Mi-na is fast. Three guys went at her. She smiles at them, which got them angry. One went at her with a wooden stick, she quickly slide down between his legs and as she slide across his legs, she grabbed his ankle and he fell forward and his face quickly got smashed to the floor. The second came at her quickly, but she noticed it and she gave a fast high kick to his face and then quickly striked another high kick then swing her other leg and hit the guy's knee and broke the bone. The third started swinging the knife at her. She is trying to avoid it but got her arm sliced a little. She then quickly kicked his hand and the knife fell.. she picked up the knife and throw it quickly to his chest.
Seung-hyun got corned by three people. He grins at them. "Show Time!" The guys started going at him. Seung-hyun is quick with his hands. He quickly blocked every swings then he grabbed one arm of the guys and swing it behind him and then snapped his fingers. Then two guys went at him. Seung-hyun grabbed their arms and then pull them together till their heads smashed together. Then a guy grabbed Seung-hyun from behind with a rope around his neck. He struggled to break the rope free, but the guy was strong. Till Seung-hyun twisted his body and elbow the guy's stomach till he let go of the rope, then Seung-hyun grabbed his head and smashed it to the brick wall. A guy runs behind Jiyong. As he got closer to him, Jiyong noticed and quickly grabbed his arm and flipped the guy over him and then twisted his arm till it cracked. Then a guy goes at him with a kinfe. Jiyong backed away and started to avoid getting stabbed. Then Jiyong kicked the guys hand which made the knife drop, then the guy started throwing punched. Jiyong blocked every hit, then he gave 3 fast punched towards the guy which made him fall to the ground. Jiyong then pinned him down with his right knee, and with his left knee he pinned down the guys left hand. Jiyong grabbed a rock and crushed the guys fingers. Behind Jiyong a guy grabbed his neck and pushed him against the wall. Then Jiyong grabbed the guys neck too. Jiyong quickly slapped the guys hands off of him. The guy was fast, he swinged left and right and punched Jiyong on the face. Jiyong's anger burst. He stands and raised his fists up. The guy went running towards him, throwing punches and kicks. Jiyong blocked all if them, then he grabbed the guys wrist and bend it back. The guy fell to his knee screaming. "don't worry I will make the paid go away" Jiyong said. Then he grabbed the knife laying the floor and quickly flipped it in the air and then stabbed the guy on his throat.
"Jiyong, Jiyong ".... Jiyong quickly turned round towards the voice. Seung-hyun stand behind him. "Jiyong, Jiyong ".... Sol clearly heard it. "That's Seungri!!" Mi-na said. "No shit!" Jiyong said. The boys smirk. Mi-na shakes her head and just laughed it off. They started to walk towards the voice. "You better run before he runs out of blood" A voice echoed through the speakers of the factory. "Daesung.." Mi-na said. "That's right Lil sis, its me your older brother." "stop this Daesung, this is enough. You already killed the guys responsible for our parents death." "Nah ah. I will kill you all, including you. And Seungri will be my first" Jiyong heart starting to race... No No No ... his mind screamed. "If my brother dies I will Kill you" "Ha ha ha , game on!" Daesung disconnected the speakers. "Jiyong.... AAAHHH!" "SEUNGRI!!" Jiyong and the boys started running towards the screaming.
Daesung walked towards Seungri and pulled the knife out of his leg, which made Seungri screamed. "Its time to destroy your brother" They put his feet on a bucket of water. Then Seungri saw electric cables. His heart started to race. "Mom, please help me." Seungri quielty prayed in his mind. Then Daesung gets closer to him with the cables. "Jiyong, JIYONG!!... " Daesung puts the cable inside the water. Seungri's body started to shake. Then Daesung pulls out the cables and left. Seungri just can't take it no more. " can't no more" Seungri cries silently. BANG BANG BANG Someone was banging on the metal door where Seungri is. Seungri tries to talk but he is too weak. "Seungri, Seungri, are you in there?!!" Seungri heard Jiyong's voice. He tries to talk but he feels his throat dry. "Seungri?!" Jiyong screamed "Come on let's break the door at the same time" Seung-hyun said. "Wait, look up their?" Sol said. They all look up and saw that the door is jammed. Jiyong panicks a little. Then Mi-na saw a vent. "look you guys, if we go inside that vent. We might be able to find a way inside where Seungri is." The boys look up and saw that the vent goes through where Seungri is. "You finally did something useful" Jiyong said. They all climbed on top of a desk and jumped to the vent. One by one went inside the vent. Then they all started crawling. As they saw light, they peeked and they saw Seungri. When Jiyong was about to break the gate, Sol saw Daesung walking towards Seungri. Sol quickly hold Jiyong off. They all watched what's going on. "Your brother is hopeless, he is just going to leave you here and die." Jiyong is getting angry. They all see how bad Seungri is right now. Then Daesung slapped across Seungri face. Jiyong started to go towards the gate, but Sol hold him back and cover his mouth. "relax man, just hang on" Sol whispers to Jiyong. Then Daesung pulled out his gun and pointed at Seungri's forehead. Jiyong started to panick, is heart is racing. But Sol was locked Jiyong tight towards him. Jiyong screamed in his head and his eyes started to get watery. "Sir, we can't find the boys" Daesung lowered his gun. "Lucky bastard" Then he leaves the room. Seungri just let a tear roll down. Jiyong then breaks the gate and jumped down where Seungri is, including the others. Jiyong quickly ran towards Seungri. "Seungri, can you hear me. Say something kid?!" Jiyong grabbed Seungri's cheeks and looked into his eyes. Seungri smiles. Sol cut of the rope of his hands and feet. Then they pulled him out of the chair. Seung-hyun quickly rips off a piece of his shirt and tied it around Seungri's leg. "He lost too much blood, Jiyong. I don't think he has that much time left." Seung-hyun said. Then Daesung arrived.
How will this end? Will Seungri make it? The war will begin. PREVIEW JIYONG SEUNGRI SEUNGRI AND JIYONG THE TRUTH SOL THE REMAINS SOL IDENTITY SEUNG-HYUN SEUNG-HYUN AND SOL THE NEW SECRETARY SOL AND JIYONG THE REUNION THE OFFICE THE PHOTOSHOOT THE LIBRARY THE CLUB/CAPTURE THE CONFESSION DAESUNG/KIM MI-NA STORY PAIN/PAST THE DISCOVERY SECRETS STRENGTH ENJOY MY LOVELYS @SabrinaSakura @amberg171997 @BrittanyBell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakesAli @AmberRelynn @lilbr0wneyes @btsgotshinee @dayashley11 @JuanitaBooRiv @Maddie27 @MadAndrea @AkashBhojraj @ClaudiaCastro @CarenBoyKins @felicityautum @BekiKunstman @OliviaEdwards @DeniseiaGardner @SamariaAllen @NickySerban @SaraHanna @Helixx @amullins2007 @karinamiranda81 @JohannaTlatench @MissT615 @KarenGuerra93 @KaylaStokes @JayDay @JennyKool @xroyalreisx @lovelyashley91 @laylabehnia @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @DominiqueThomas @kpopandkimchi @ToppDogg @Lizzeh @Jiyongixoxo @nekoheart @Maddie27 @KwonOfAKind @SugaOnTop @catchyacrayon @amobigbang @marisamusic @DawanaMason @TeaeraHarrell @DekaraMiller @Helixx @ladygdragon @JackieG1617 @thatkdramalover @AristaJ @glo86 @B1A4BTS5ever @GDsGF @palaguachie21 @saraortiz2002 @ZitaMahoney @Adetoro @SarahVanDorn @ItatiSanchez @loftonc16 @DominiqueThomas @megancurrent9 @KarolinaTrevino @camrynchemy @DeniseiaGardner @Defy24601@MyalsNotSexy @nightshade18 @NasihaOcasio @brirodriguez412 @Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo @lovetopia @thePinkPrincess @Kpossible4250 @LenaBlackRose @SamariaAllen @amberg171997 @BrandyJones @QueenLele @glo86 @BekiKunstman @VIPforever123 @JasmineWilliams @CarenBoyKins @3SecondsOfHope @woahdersierra @SaraHanna @SaiT @Ercurrent @thePinkPrincess @drummergirl691 @MorleeCorielus @NickySerban @Kpopmom@JadeOwens @obiterdictum @VatcheeAfandi99 @MsLoyalHeart @JinsPrincess86 @maatiCasanova @amullins2007 @BTS282236 @Craze4Haylu @jjrockstar @maddiedo @obiterdictum @ravenblackwell @justcallmekyki @cthulu @ZwankimaWalker @hmelodie @Lilith24 @SydneyLstrange @MelissaGarza @bettytolliver @SandaraGrimaldo @mellyortiz @Lizzeh
Daesung stop being an a**hole, how could you do that to poor little Seungri!! Daesung=Tokyo Ghoul Jason.... Seungri= Kaneki . The way Seungri called for Jiyong until he passed out......Just....Jesus take the wheel . . BANG BANG BANG!!! (The MV actually hit 1 Million views this morning so this is right on point) . . Omg "Bang Bang Bang" stop lmao Its gonna be I my head all day after this XD . . *just killed multiple people* Taeyang: okay, bye guys TOP: wait for me though... GD: dafuq im the boss bitch, swerve (Idk, I just like how casual they act after killing so many people XD) . . Well shit, Mi-Na just last chapter you were talking about how you were gonna get Jiyong, and now you dont even know how to defend yourself.....Girl you better bust out those terminator skills . . Aww Jiyong trying to be all loving and caring to his squad♡♡ . I like how even in this story Jiyong still is the leader #JiyongBadAss2K16 . This sounds like something that'll happen it Mortal Kombat . . Okay Mi-Na you hit that Matrix ♡ . . "Show Time" (Block-: Very Good) many song references in one story I love it . . Damn, I felt for that guys who got his hand smashed by the rock (._.) . TBH I sort of feel bad for these guys theyre just trying to do their job....but they even up getting their assets kicked.....If I was a worker I WOULD BE COMING AT YOU DAE!! . . What I learned.....Dont mess with Jiyong he'll stab you . . Lmao Jiyong is a savage Seungri: JIYONG Mi-Na:It's Seungri Jiyong: dont say (Jiyong has no time for bullshit XD) . . The scene with the cables and water made me think of Sharkboy and Lava girl when they had Sharkboy dangling above the electric eel sorry okay I'll stop lol . . Did you honestly expect him to answer....this isn't Marco Polo you better break that door down . . Damn Mi-Na....are you sure you like Jiyong? lmao (Just dont say anything else, height come at you) . . Jiyong, is this what it takes for you to show a little love for your brother... . . If Seungri dies I swear.... Jiyong you better kick Daesung's a** . . MINA YOU BETTER BE A DOCTOR!! . . Daesung, im mad at you right now but imma pray for your soul because we all know your about to get it... Like your luck Sol was their holding Jiyong back because he would be decapitated you by now . . okay ive said my piece finished . . This is a good story, like I dont even know what to do with myself....I think ive become to attached to Seungri's character...he's my son lol XD
@KwonOfAKind 😂😂😂😂😆😆 the faces of my co workers as I laugh mad loud with your comment. (my fav part is when you wrote *Jiyong has no time for bullshit XD*) I'm dead 😂
@kwonofakind I think this is your longest comment so far. Love it
Oh man that was a crazy fight they had going on. I love how Jiyong is finally starting to show emotions for his brother. This has to end good for them. Hold on just a little longer Seungri. Great job @BBxGD well worth waiting for
Seems like Dae's really determined to kill Seungri here. Don't let him die. Poor boy.
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