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Hey Vingle Nakama!

It is once again Tell Me About it Tuesday! Another little bit of community show-and-tell. I understand that not everyone has the kind of anime swag that they ideally want to have, so today I want to focus on everyone sharing what bit of anime awesomeness they really want to have.
You can combine it with {JJ} if you want to, and talk about something that you know is coming out this year that you really want to get.
Personally, I want to get the entirety of the Negima! manga volumes. The manga was originally published in the US by Del Rey Manga, a subsidiary of Random House publishing. In 2010, though, that publishing switched over to the US division of Kodansha, the largest manga publisher in Japan.
There are a total of 38 volumes published of the manga, completing the run. There are also 9 omnibuses published, which collect the chapters into bigger volumes. Kodansha did this in order to make it possible for people to still pick up the first chapters of the manga after Del Rey stopped publishing them.
Since Negima! was the first manga I finished (reading scans online) I wanted to do the honor of collecting the full series in published form. I actually have virtually no manga of my own anymore: the few that I did own have been lost to time, or moving, or something like that.

What mangas do you all have? Show them off for Tell Me About it Tuesday!

Or talk about something you really want to have!