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me and my friend are doing a sociology project on real life experiences. please comment on how anime impacted your life
thank you. I'm pretty sure i aced the project
sry 4 the long reply. idk if that will help u any or not.
Hm.. It made me a better person? It taught me more about friendship & family. I always cherished them b4, but now, I guess it's like taught me just how important it is 2 b there 4 them. & I can support ppl emotionally a little bit better. I have always been horrible at expressing my feelings & making ppl feel better when theyre down, & now, bc of anime, I can finally do that. I understand how to express myself & support ppl now. It also calmed my emotions. I had always been a bit of a crybaby & sometimes even twisting 2 having in attitude (just in my head, never aloud), but anime calmed me from all of that. My internal attitude is fading away, & I'm not crying as much anymore. All in all, anime just makes me stronger, nicer, & more loving, i suppose.