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It's been awhile.

I'm still in the city and still single as ever, but you know what? I'm happy. A lot of times, people look for temporary satisfaction and while it's all sweet in the moment -- as time passes you're losing what you could've been gaining if you would've focused on complete happiness instead of something temporary. When you find your heart dwelling on something or someone, sometimes your mind doesn't have the ability to fight back hard enough to intervene. So although your heart knows that the mind has a valid point, the heart does what the wants because well, it's the heart.
I'll say I've had my heart and mind go head to head a time or two, but lately they've been seeming to take sides with one another. As I continue my journey as a single woman, everyday is something new. Whether I happen to be listening to the experiences others have gone through or trying to be strong enough to make it through the experiences I go through alone in a such a big city -- everyday is a lesson and I'm thankful for that. Although, we are only about three weeks into the new year -- I have already learned a few valid facts that I plan to keep near and dear to me as I go through the remaining months and thereafter.

They are as followed:

- Nothing is going to happen when you want it to happen
- Guys will be guys.
- Never tolerate disrespect from anyone. Especially not a man.
- You're stronger than yesterday.
- We all make mistakes. It's apart of life.
- Family is literally everything.

Nothing is going to happen when you want it to happen.

The blueprint for our lives was written before we were even knit in our mothers womb [at least that's what I believe] and you may want something at this current moment, but your story is already written -- so in turn you must learn to practice patience. It's not that your time won't come, it's being mentally prepared when your time does come.

Guys will be guys.

No matter how much you try to mold them and turn them into that perfect man, a man will always be a man. You just have to find the ripe one out of the bunch -- or better yet, let him find you.

Never tolerate disrespect from anyone. Especially not a man.

If a man wouldn't say it to his mother than he shouldn't say it to you. That's my philosophy. Know what you do and don't deserve.

You're stronger than yesterday.

Don't let your yesterday dictate your today or tomorrow. I have learned overtime that living in the past does nothing positive for your growth, other than stunts it.

We all make mistakes. It's apart of life.

Learn it. Know it. Live it. If you can't live with the fact that we all make mistakes than you will never be able to move forward and live life. Don't fault yourself.

Family is literally everything.

Being away from my family has helped me appreciate them all the more. They are literally my everything and I honestly don't even think I would be where I am today if it weren't for their courage and positivity.

All in all, being single is what you make it, especially in NYC.

I'm taking my negatives and turning them into positives.
How are you conquering the single life day by day?
I hear you on understanding we not perfect... that helps us not beat ourselves up...
Most definitely because at the end of the day beating ourselves up takes so much more effort that can be used towards something positive @jazziejazz
Ohhh yeah!! I love the disrespect point you made... you should always demand respect!!
Yes!!!! Respect is just the minimum as well!!! Lauryn Hill said it best, haha @nicolejb