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Yesterday I went on a hike. I told you guys I am trying to do one hike per week/end. So far, I've been sticking to it! This trail wasn't quite the kind of trail I have been on. I'd say there wasn't much of an incline, except for the beginning of the hike. It was relatively easy, but I was able to get about 5 miles of outdoor walking in.
A couple of days before that, I hit the weights hard with a superset between squats and deadlifts, so I was kinda hurting. But the hike did some good for my tight quads.
I am starting to miss having access to machines at the gym. The gym I currently go to is more for compound movements. So there are plenty of squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, and weights. But they definitely lack in machines.
I am considering maybe looking for another gym in the next few months. But for right now, I need to just be a bit more creative.
The hike thing was also actually a second date. It was fun! He's also actually into fitness and health -- so it's cool to have some things in common with someone. It definitely awesome that he's into lifting weights. So we talked a lot about that haha. We'll see what happens with us....

This week's goals:

-Go the gym at least 4 times this week
-Do more heavier squats
-Keep up with the healthy eating
The trail looks real nice! Hope you achieve all your goals next week as well!
Awesome... I hope you have more dates 😜😊
@jazziejazz thanks! i think we will! 😊😊😊