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I was talking to my old roommate about joining Tinder and possibly rummaging through Craigslist for potential dates and love interests. It was meant to be less serious and more 'just something to do' and 'see where it goes.'
Then he reminded me that I had already done the Craigslist thing, which didn't go so well.
Here's what happened.
My roommate was getting married and since I was standing in the wedding, he wanted to know if I was bringing a plus-one or if I'd be kicking it with "Clara," a bridesmaid that he thought I'd get along well with.
I said, I was going to find a plus-one, not realizing what I was talking about because Clara was drop dead gorgeous!
Instead, I turned to Craigslist and posted that I was looking for a date to the wedding.
Shortly after I posted the ad, my inbox started getting emails. But not the kind I was expecting or hoping for.
I got lots of spam. Naked pictures of both men and women. (I shared the post under Strictly Platonic Men for Women).
Then I got a couple legit responses. So after we exchanged a couple emails, I took them both out for sushi (separately) to see who I clicked with.
The first date was a complete bust. We agreed to meet for sushi and I texted her when I was heading out. She replied, "Cool" or something like it. Once I got there, I text her again to let her know I had arrived.
I sat at the bar, alone, feeling like crap. So I called a friend and we had sushi together.
My second date was pleasant but had YIKES written all over this lady. She was pretty, nice, easy to talk to, friendly...almost too perfect, like she'd rehearsed this many many times.
As we finished our sushi and drinks she explained that she has four kids ranging from baby to teenager. Basically, she would be happy to be my plus-one at the wedding, as long as her kids could come too!
A month later, when the wedding actually happened, I DID NOT HAVE A PLUS-ONE. Instead, I hung out with Clara. We drank. We danced. We talked. We had a blast!
And that is my Craigslist confession. Anyone not surprised by my experience?! LOL
lol it could've been worst, be careful man. Years ago I dated guys from other websites and they were crazy
I remember one time I posted on Craigslist looking for friends that were both men and women, and this married couple who 'just moved to the neighborhood' asked me if I'd be down to threesome. YUP.
i am picky xD. I want my ship to be an airship.
>:c and wear condoms! I hate the "oh it's okay, i won't get prego". .... the heck with that. sure you will. its science.
Lol yeah. I tried dating people online and whatnot, a friend said he has alot of fun doing it and i'm currently single, so why not? ..... online dating is so horrible, lmfao!!! 90% of girls are really gay guys, and its super obvious. I then started talking to this one person who called and started crying because she used her moms picture and really liked me and wanted to meet me- not happening. Then this other lady wanted to have sex with me, but she wanted to bring her baby too... i was like na.... and then i like playing online games, but apparently its a thing for guys to play as girls, and they get off hitting on guys, so i don't do anything with gamers xD. And then i tried dating sites but everyone is like (._. ) "let's get married" or "what do you mean this isn't my real picture?!? you don't love me". ... If you can't show a new picture with the same person on your pro picture, then that aint you. I mean... and then you got people like "here is a picture of my lips. if you want to see more, you have to date me".... but they are like...really fugly or gender confused. (._. ) yo if you like me but can't be real, don't bother messaging me xD People are the biggest fakes ever. Nothing beats the classic meet and greet in person, talking to a legit real person. screw online dating xD Don't do it. Oh and when friends introduce a potential other to you and they throw themselves on you and spam you with a total turn off. (._. ) 1-this ain't a charity. i don't want to check out your friend. 2- obviously your friend is having issues if you sending that friend my way. I mean does that ever work out? 3- If you are a friend of my moms or work with her, no i am not banging you. thats wierd. you are either old. Or you trying to get a promotion. WTF you going straight to sex? where is the dating part? And and and if one of your girl friends have a party with all girls and you're the only guy there, its not an implied orgy. just saying. people these days.
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