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I was talking to my old roommate about joining Tinder and possibly rummaging through Craigslist for potential dates and love interests. It was meant to be less serious and more 'just something to do' and 'see where it goes.'
Then he reminded me that I had already done the Craigslist thing, which didn't go so well.
Here's what happened.
My roommate was getting married and since I was standing in the wedding, he wanted to know if I was bringing a plus-one or if I'd be kicking it with "Clara," a bridesmaid that he thought I'd get along well with.
I said, I was going to find a plus-one, not realizing what I was talking about because Clara was drop dead gorgeous!
Instead, I turned to Craigslist and posted that I was looking for a date to the wedding.
Shortly after I posted the ad, my inbox started getting emails. But not the kind I was expecting or hoping for.
I got lots of spam. Naked pictures of both men and women. (I shared the post under Strictly Platonic Men for Women).
Then I got a couple legit responses. So after we exchanged a couple emails, I took them both out for sushi (separately) to see who I clicked with.
The first date was a complete bust. We agreed to meet for sushi and I texted her when I was heading out. She replied, "Cool" or something like it. Once I got there, I text her again to let her know I had arrived.
I sat at the bar, alone, feeling like crap. So I called a friend and we had sushi together.
My second date was pleasant but had YIKES written all over this lady. She was pretty, nice, easy to talk to, friendly...almost too perfect, like she'd rehearsed this many many times.
As we finished our sushi and drinks she explained that she has four kids ranging from baby to teenager. Basically, she would be happy to be my plus-one at the wedding, as long as her kids could come too!
A month later, when the wedding actually happened, I DID NOT HAVE A PLUS-ONE. Instead, I hung out with Clara. We drank. We danced. We talked. We had a blast!
And that is my Craigslist confession. Anyone not surprised by my experience?! LOL
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=u= i tell myself the same sometimes. i should write a card.... but once i start i get too lazy trying to figure a title...then find a many pictures to choose from. then i always want to put an irl picture too of me. then i start getting self conscious and i delete the picture....and then i get disappointed because the card doesn't feel right once i start writing it due to the lack of title and picture.
ohmygosh @MadHouseRomance don't overthink it. LOLOL You want to talk about being self-conscious?! I posted my before and after shots of cosmetic surgery on here. I've also posted half naked pictures of me trying to workout at the gym. I've written bad cards before. I've written cards with bad pictures. I've had cards I had to DELETE because they were so awful. But...I've had some really great cards too!
I posted my first post on my first day being in with me drinking gluhwien... T.T and i only got 7 likes.... 7 LIKES. I fell into a spiral abyss of rejection and denial. How dareth the entire community only giveth 7 likes. Sure it wasn't my best picture and the lighting made it wierd, but 7... likes... I fear the day i post and recieve the lesser amount.
Forever shall darkness covet thy beauty
If it makes you feel any better, I've shared cards with just a couple views, no likes, no clips and no comments. @MadHouseromance but it taught be to create cards with better pics, better writing and to write about things that people are into or talking about.