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Dear Fred and Jeff Wilpon,

Please resign Yoenis Cespedes.

This shouldn't be too much to ask.

The team's payroll is currently somewhere just above $100,000,000. And I know that seems like a lot. Honestly speaking, it is. But relatively speaking, it isn't very much at all. It should be higher.
This is a big team in a big market coming off a big year. Spend some money. Please, we're begging you.
You made a great move last year by bringing Cespedes in right before the trade deadline. You restored faith in a franchise whose fans needed some love. We have been through a lot in the past decade (and before then, too), and you gave us some indication that you were ready to help this team win.

And guess what? It almost paid off.

Cespedes turned into a superstar and a fan favorite overnight and turned the Mets from an average team into a potentially great one. With the pitching that this team has in place for the next few years, it won't take that much to push them over the edge and make them legit World Series candidates.
But we need a hitter. Bad. Cespedes is that guy.
You don't have to sign him to a massive deal of 6 years for $150 million. I understand your hesitation there - he's aging, and can make some silly mistakes in the field.

But 2 years for $50-60 million should not be too much to ask. Not for this team. Not in this market. Not with this kind of potential.

You see, without Cespedes, the Mets are somewhere on the outside of the top 10 teams in the league, even with their pitching. Without Cespedes, they are a much worse team than the one that made the World Series last year. Without Cespedes, the aging David Wright and the second-year Michael Conforto will be relied on for too much. Without Cespedes, there is a gaping hole in the middle of this lineup.

With Cespedes, though, this team is among the league's best. No question about it.

He's still on the market, and we should have signed him a long time ago. But there is still time to make amends. You can still take advantage of the strange free agent market right now and make Cespedes the offer that he wants - rumors have it that he wants to be back in New York - and turn these Mets into not only a team that we love, but a team that we believe in.

Give us something to believe in. We've waited long enough, and we know how good this team can be. Let's make it happen.

A Hopeful Mets fan
I'm not one of those Mets fans that think we need to have him, but it makes us a 95 win team having him. The team we have now is about an 85 to 90 win team.
2 or 3 year deal*
I think the longer it takes for him to get the deal he wants, the better chance we have in giving him a 2 or a year deal with a opt out after 1 year. he'll be angry to show the league that he is changed his ways so that some other team will be willing to give him that 5 year or longer deal that he wants
I can't fathom why they wouldn't re-sign him, especially after coming so close to a world series title.
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