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{ Thank you so much for the wait! I've finally finished this request. This fanfiction is taken from my Wattpad, so follow me there for more of my work! Username: @/turntuptae }
Again? Really?! You slammed your locker shut when you noticed an empty spot where your lunch box usually sat. It wasn't lost or missing. In fact, you knew exactly where it was and who had stolen it, since this wasn't the first time it had happened. Although you put up with the top dogs of the school, their continuous taunting really aggravated you. Their group, famously known as the Diamonds, consisted of six members; all with their own role. Boo Seungkwan, the Leader. This guy is crazy dramatic. He's the type to throw a fit if he's not the first to own a diamond crusted IPhone 6s+. He's a real diva who isn't afraid to blow a fuse. He's got everyone down on their knees, and he won't hesitate to show attitude no matter who you are. Lee Seokmin, the Pretty Rich boy. People call him DK, but only his closest friends can refer to him by his real name without any severe consequences. He's always gloating- about everything, too! Guys are insanely jealous of his visuals, and girls see him as the perfect mix of sexy and cute. It's no mystery on why he sees himself as better than everyone else. Kwon Soonyoung, the Dumb Blonde. You've never met anyone as blank as this kid. He's gullible in every way, and is unbelievably blunt. Nobody really knows how he's keeping his grades up, but rumors say he's been bribing the teachers for his straight A's. Though he's inarticulate and horrible in English class, he never fails to impress people with his jawdropping dance skills. Lee Jihoon, the Short Devil. Though he's only 164cm tall, he doesn't fool around. He's the spawn of- no, he's Satan in the flesh. There have been reported incidents of him chasing other students around with a guitar. If you really value your life, never call him short. Chwe Hansol, the Total Fuckboy. If you ask him what his hobbies are, he'll answer 'seducing women, going out with them, then breaking up.' He goes on at least a dozen dates per day, and has no less than thirty side hoes. When he first meets a girl, he'll just brag on about his rap skills, and how he's a part of the group. Do NOT fall for this guy, 'cause he's the complete polar opposite of a loyal boyfriend. Hong Jisoo, the Cool Guy. Last but not least is the most normal one of all. He has an overall calm personality, and is talented in everything you could possibly name. He's fluent in five languages, and has a perfect 4.0 GPA score. People see him as the reincarnation of Jesus, since he's the definition of 'perfect'. Though he seems all nice and friendly, he's still a part of the Diamonds, which means he won't show much consideration. ~*~*~*~ "C'mon guys, just give it back already!" You grunted. "Sorry [Y/N], but you know we can't until we get what we want!" Soonyoung laughed, rummaging through the lunch box and stealing the chocolate chip cookie you packed, then tossing it over your head to DK. "Honestly, you guys are such pricks!" You ran over to DK, only to see him pull out a cup of instant ramen. "Instant ramen? Are you really that poor?" "Hah! Even my pet cat has a gourmet meal compared to that!" Seungkwan ran his fingers through his soft, brown hair. DK scoffed and launched the bag at Jisoo, who threw the cup of ramen onto the floor, harshly crushing it with his foot before aiming the lunch bag at Hansol. "Just fucking quit it already! If you've got a better lunch, what do you want with mine?!" Clenching a fist, you sprinted towards Hansol. "Hmm..Maybe I'll give it back if you come over to my place tonight~" Hansol smirked in a flirtatiously mocking way, leaning closer as he held your lunch box up and out of reach. You felt rage stir up inside of you, taking control. Before you knew it, you had smacked Hansol away. "Hey, nobody lays a hand on the Diamonds!" Jihoon shot a glare deadly enough to kill a man, but not enough to even scare you after many encounters with it. You stared back at the short boy, arguing back. "I wouldn't even be here if you assholes didn't bother me in the first place!" Before you could go on, Jihoon kicked your shin with a great force, leaving you in overwhelming pain and a quick-growing bruise. "O-Ow.." A groan escaped your lips, watching Hansol drop your now empty lunch box on the ground beside you and walking away with the rest of the group. ~*~*~*~*~*~ "Is that everything, Jeonghan?" You smiled. Jeonghan was a newer friend of yours, meeting him only a few months ago. Up until then, Jisoo was the one you always spent your time with. He's the one you knew best, since the two of you grew up together, but then disbanded once the Diamonds invited him into their group. Unbelievable, right? "Yeah [Y/N], thank you for all the help." The gentle male smiled gratefully. "If you'd like, you can go take a break in the kitchen. There's a table of refreshments for all the volunteers." You nodded at his offer, making your way to the kitchen of the building. Your community church had been holding a small fundraiser to raise awareness on children with cancer, and you had volunteered to help around with the set up. You looked around after entering the kitchen. Maybe some juice? A glass in one hand, you filled it up with fruit punch as it poured from a jug, then raised the cold beverage up to your lips. "Thank you all for coming tonight. As you all know, our goal tonight is set on raising twelve-hundred dollars." Jeonghan's voice echoed through the loud speakers. "The first speech tonight is from a well-known face around the church, Joshua Hong." You watched in utter shock as Jisoo walked up to the stage, nicely dressed in a white button up shirt and a black tie around his neck to match his ironed black pants. Along with that, his hair was neatly combed and styled, with a warming smile on his face. Oh, but you didn't trust that smile one bit. He was probably going to make fun of cancer and laugh about how he thinks this entire fundraiser is a stupid waste of everyone's time and money. But no. You listened to his speech, intrigued by his skill in public speaking, and how genuinely sincere his words sounded. He sounded like a completely different person. He sounded like he actually cared. The audience was captivated, and many people were writing out donations. This couldn't be happening. ~*~*~*~*~ After the event, Jeonghan had eagerly run up to you as you were about to leave, the biggest grin on his face. You raised an eyebrow, clueless to what the reason for his ecstasy was. "What is it?" "[Y/N]..." He took in a deep breath. "We raised over two thousand!" Your eyes widened at the news. "Wait, are you kidding?!" You literally dropped your bag as he nodded. "That's amazing!!" "Yeah, most of the money was donated after Joshua spoke." "Yeah I'm pretty great, aren't I?" You looked over at the source of the familiar third voice; Jisoo stood, smirking confidently. You rolled your eyes, picking up your bag. "Anyway, I think we should all go eat out to celebrate!" Jeonghan suggested, "[Y/N], you could get to know Joshua a little bett-" "Oh, I already know her well enough." Jisoo interrupted with innocence weaving into his string of words. Jeonghan looked over to you, surprised. "Really? Then I guess we can skip the introductions and go, right [Y/N]?" He questioned gently. You hesitated for a moment. Would going somewhere with Jisoo really be a good decision? He could be planning something to embarrass you, or even think of it on the spot. But it was almost like you noticed the good side of him again today. It couldn't be that bad, could it? Nodding your head, the three of you then decided on a casual restaurant only several minutes away and went off. ~*~*~*~*~ The three of you all arrived took your spots at an unoccupied table, you sitting next to Jeonghan with Jisoo across from the both of you. The time came to order, but there was one simple problem; Jeonghan forgot his phone at the church, and went back to pick it up. That meant you and Jisoo had to engage in a conversation, or the atmosphere would be even more awkward than it had already been. "Oh uh, I'll have the beef ramen bowl, please." You stated to the waitress. "And some water with lemon." Oh right, Jeonghan still hasn't returned, so he can't order right now.. "Make that double!" You added on as Jisoo spoke afterwards. "I'll get the teriyaki chicken with fried rice, please. And for my drink I'll just have water, too." The waitress scribbled the orders on her small notepad, walking away. God, the silence was killing you. You reached for your phone, pulling it out of your pocket in order to waste some time while your meals were yet to be prepared. "So, how have you been?" You glanced up, seeing Jisoo leaning forward with this chin rested on his palm. "G-good. What about you? How are the Diamonds treating you?" you asked, uncomfortable shifting in your seat. "Good," he replied, "they're all really fun to hang out with." So this was his plan...to just gloat about it. To emphasize how he left you for them. Clever move, Jisoo. "Anyway, what's with the whole 'Joshua' cover up? Too scared to say your real name in front of a bunch of kind-hearted people?" Your tone changed, seeming a bit more irked at him. He sighed. "It isn't a cover up, [Y/N]. Joshua is my English name." "Oh right!" You spoke sarcastically, feigning deep interest. "Please tell me, what's your Russian name? Oh, and you must have a Portuguese one as well, right?" "[Y/N] c'mon, you know I'm half American. It only makes sense that I have an English name." You sighed, turning back to your phone. Yet before you could actually get to any applications, the device was snatched from your hands. "You know, it isn't very polite to use your phone while someone is trying to have an openly-minded conversation with you." He told, storing your phone into his pocket. You tried to hold yourself back, but with what was going on, you couldn't. "Polite? What do you know about politeness?!" You stood up, leaning over the table. "You ditched me for a bunch of spoiled brats! You turned on me just to look like some celebrity in the eyes of everyone else! You broke our fucking promise!" Jisoo stared at you, eyes widened with shock. Looking deeper, you could debate on whether there was a hint of devastation or not. "Promise..?" he spoke quietly, as if he had forced himself to choke out the words. It couldn't be. Did he really forget? He had to be joking, right? "I can't believe you..." You trailed off, sitting back down as you felt your eyes sting with accumulating tears. Your arms crossed over the table, burying your head in the space between. "I just can't fucking believe you. I'm the person who knows you best. I'm the person who you grew up with. I should be the person closest to you, but you had to put some assholes over me because of their wealth and fame." There was a moment of silence, with the exception of your frequent sobs. "Who said you aren't the person closest to me?" You lifted your head slightly, sniffing and wiping your puffed eyes. "What?" "[Y/N], you just had to ruin the surprise, didn't you?" You stared at him, face blanking out entirely. "Wh-what?" You repeated, purely disoriented. Jisoo reached into his pocket, hiding what he had pulled in his hands. "You know I come from a..poorer family than others. That's why I joined the Diamonds. I thought that if I could get close enough to them, I could gain their trust and maybe get a few loans. Sure I had to give into a little of their conformity, but you know what? It worked. I got enough money to buy this for you. And I now have enough courage to ask," he unfolded his hands, revealing a small, velvet box with a rich indigo dye. Opening it, it revealed an expensive diamond necklace, in the shape of a heart*. "[Y/N], please forgive me for all the bad I've done to you. Let me make it up. Let us go back to when we were smiling together again. But this time, let's smile as a couple, not just friends. So I guess what I'm trying to say is..will you be my girlfriend?" You couldn't process what was going on. Was he for real?! That necklace looks crazy expensive, and he does sound genuine about it all. You gradually smiled, feeling happily reassured. "I knew it. I knew there was no way you could become such a jerk so easily." You nodded, pursing your lips. "Of course I'll be your girlfriend." Jisoo's face brightened immediately with the answer he had hoped for. He stood up, pulling you to your feet as well. Carefully, he took the necklace out of its case. You held your hair up, as he came closer and linked the two ends at the nape of your neck. He pulled back, cupping your cheek with one hand, his other wrapped around your waist. His thumb gently brushed over your bottom lip, as he leaned in closer. "May I?~" You nodded, and with no hesitation, his lips planted on top of yours in a sweet kiss; gentle, yet passionate. "Looks like I came back at the right moment, huh Jisoo?" A voice spoke, causing you two to pull apart, faces bright red. Jisoo then smiled at Jeonghan. "Thanks for all your help. She said yes." You looked at the two, surprised. "Yah! Jeonghan knew?!"

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