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Summary: Payj (Page) is an American woman trying to make it out in the Kpop world. She is not only leader of her group Mix It but she is also the main choreographer, rapper, part producer, and all around mother for the group. She has no time for anything that doesn't involve her group or her music career. She can be a bit cold hearted towards the opposite sex but that doesn't stop a group of curious seniors from trying to worm their way into her already busy life. How is she to survive the hurricane that is BTS and still make sure her musical work is perfect?
‘This is why I said it was always a bad idea to have handsome boys around when you were trying to do something.’ I thought to myself as I sat there staring at my blank computer screen. We had been back in my practice room for a little over an hour and I had yet to finish anything that resembled work. Honestly though… how was I supposed to concentrate on work when Jungkook would look up from the pad of paper in his lap and stare at me every other five minutes. Then when he would look down again the look of concentration on his face left me more curious than anything.
When we had first arrived back at the practice room he had run off and came back with a pencil case and a notepad. I watched as he happily worked in the book curious as to what he was doing, but when I had asked he simply told me. “Noona needs to wait and see.” That only caused me to be more curious.
So here I am. Pretending to get work done but only seeming to memorize the lines of his face as he works in his book. A yawn escaped my mouth and Jungkook looked up at me. “Are you tired Noona?”
“Nope. Not allowed to get tired. I have way too much to do before I can go to sleep.” I smiled at him trying to reassure him but he looked at me like I was the world’s worst liar. Truth is, I was completely exhausted. I hadn’t slept very much in what seemed months. Mix It had a comeback scheduled in only a few months and I still hadn’t finished the last couple songs, and then there was the choreography and before that I had been getting things ready for the award show. If I went to sleep now I would sleep in until it was time for me to do my Chinese lessons then practice with the girls. I sighed without meaning to. Then it would be another late night tomorrow trying to make up for not getting anything done tonight.
Turning back to my computer I thought about what kind of song we should sing for our next comeback. Since MiMi and I come up with most of the songs I realized that we only ever think of dance hits. “Hm maybe a ballad?” I whispered to myself thinking allowed.
“Ballads are good.” Jungkook didn’t look up from his book. “It would show the fans another side to you guys.”
I frowned. While the idea was great and he was right I wasn’t even sure how to begin writing a ballad. Maybe I should ask Boss Man to get a ballad for us? I pondered whether the other girls knew how to write songs. I honestly wasn’t sure though. We didn’t tend to have much time together lately. CC and HeeRa never seemed interested in the making of the songs. They spent more time on what our concept should be and what costumes should look like. Luna and MiMi had been sent off lately to work on reality shows to promote the group and here I was making sure we were musically ready.
I looked up from my computer and my eyes met Jungkooks. It was only for a split moment before he buried his face in his notepad, but I had thought I saw a light pink tinge to his cheeks. “You ok Jungkook?” I hoped he wasn’t getting sick and momentarily stopped thinking about the work I had to do. It would be wrong of me to let him get sick because he neglects sleep to hang out with me. “Maybe you should go back to the dorms and get some sleep?”
“I’m fine, don’t worry.” He still wouldn’t look up from his notepad and I shrugged going back to staring at my screen.
Jungkook’s POV
Noona was beautiful and he couldn’t get the sight of her bright green eyes out of his mind. The picture that stared back at him in his notebook was almost perfect but he couldn’t seem to get her eyes right. This, in all truth, wasn’t the first picture he had drawn of her. He had been watching and admiring her since he first saw her green eyes in the rookie practice room before her debut. Something about her had grabbed his attention and now that he was with her alone he still couldn’t figure out what to say.
He only wanted to see her smile. It seemed that her smiles were becoming more and more mechanical and less genuine lately. He knew the work was getting to her, they all did. The boys would get back from a show or get up in the morning for practice and she would still be either sitting here working on the songs or dancing herself to death. No one could doubt her dedication and determination and maybe that is why the boys had started to be curious, but his curiosity had slowly started to turn into something more. He started to worry about her and want to help her. She may be older than he is, but she looked so small and weak alone in these rooms at night.
He watched as her body tried to tell her she needed sleep. Her eyes would droop then slowly close, but as soon as they closed she would shake herself awake fighting the sleep. He wanted to grab her and take her back to the dorms making sure she didn’t leave until she got some sleep, he wanted to call MiMi and tell her just how bad Payj had gotten since the other girls had been too busy to make sure she slept. He wanted to make her realize she needed to take better care of herself before he ended up dying from worry. He couldn’t though. How could he tell her to do anything? He might have been her senior in the industry but he was younger than her and she was far more independent than anyone he had ever met.
“Jungkook?” He was snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at her. The circles under her eyes made his lips turn into a frown. “You are good at ballads right? I mean you sing a lot of them yes?”
He nodded. “You still stuck on writing one?”
She pursed her lips and nodded. “Can you tell me some of your favorites?”
He paused and thought for a moment. “How about I sing one for you?” After a moment he took her silence as yes and walked over to the piano in the corner of the practice room. Sitting down he started to sing and play Crush’s ‘Sofa’. He sang with every bit of him and when he had finished he turned back a smile playing on his lips. ‘She is finally asleep’ he thought to himself. Her soft breathing and peaceful expression seemed to finally put his nerves at peace. ‘She pushes herself too much’ he thought.
Standing up he walked over with the intent to carry her back to the dorms but he stopped afraid that if he moved her right after she fell asleep she would wake up. “I’ll wait a little while so I can be sure she is actually asleep.” He said softly. Smiling he moved a piece of hair from her face gently. She looked so venerable he wouldn’t dare leave her alone.
He sat back down in the chair he had been in earlier and picked up his notepad. Deciding he had time to kill before he felt she was asleep enough to pick her up, he grabbed a pencil and started to draw a new side to the girl asleep on the table next to her laptop. He had to admit this was his favorite picture so far. Smiling he shut his notebook and placed both that and his pencil case into his bag. He slung his bag over his shoulder and moved over to save her progress on her computer and turn it off before taking her to the dorms, but he noticed that she hadn’t written anything. He looked down at her curiously wondering what she had been doing the entire time if she hadn’t been writing.
Her body was light and he couldn’t help but notice how well her head fit into the crook of his neck. She smelled sweet like flowers and vanilla and he wondered how someone who worked so hard could still smell like anything but sweat. She moved a bit and he stopped not wanting to wake her up. When her hand reached out and gripped his shirt above his heart he knew she just had to have felt how quickly it had started to beat. She nuzzled her head into his chest and he decided he need to hurry before his heart did explode.
As he was waiting for the elevator to the fifth floor where her dorm was he heard voices. “Kookie!”
“Shhh!” He nodded his head down towards her and Mimi, Jimin, and Namjoon came to a stop. MiMi smiled and walked up to push the elevator button. While Namjoon and Jimin just shared a knowing glance.
“You two have fun?” She sang in a low whisper. “Don’t tell me you got your Noona drunk just so you could carry her?” MiMi was vicious but not in a mean way. More of a, she is going to put all of your secrets on blast because she finds them entertaining. How she and Payj got along so well he wondered but figured opposites do tend to get along.
“No she was working as usual and finally passed out at the computer. I figured I would take her home instead of just leaving her there to hurt her neck on the desk.” He still decided he wouldn’t look at MiMi. With his heart beating this quickly he wasn’t sure what his face looked like.
MiMi giggled and got onto the elevator. “Well let’s go. I can’t carry her and you cannot get in the apartment unless someone lets you in.”
They made it through the door and he laid her down on her bed. He pulled the covers up and moved more hair out of her face. He knew she would be upset about having fallen asleep instead of working but he also knew she needed sleep more than a hit song at the moment. Jungkook turned and made sure the others weren’t nearby and he leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. “Sleep well Noona.” With a smile he left the room.
So I think this is my favorite chapter so far. What do you think? Might be a few days before the next chapter comes out. I know I know bad place to leave it at right? Well it could have been worse.
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