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this is where it all started, where my foundations took their shape. when I was young all I did was watch the classics. in my opinion the classics that made anime today. vash the stampede, who is labeled as an outlaw, is far from that. he does nothing but try to save as many people as he can and strays away from fighting or killing at all times. unfortunately, death and malice follow him wherever he goes and as a result he is on an endless campaign to save every person he can. he's my idol and if there ever is a chance I would surely take up the mission that he embarked on.
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Lol i just noticed the autocorrect mistake in my last comment
@HenryIngerson well he can be a bit bashful haha
@NicholasRotondo he was in my series of forgotten animes! I love vash!
this opening is now playing through my head...
this is one out of like four of my favorite older anime series this show is the bes